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New York Times Examines the "Rough-and-Tumble Approach to Science" of the Exploratorium's Webcasts

A March 31 New York Times article highlights the San Francisco-based Exploratorium and its work in designing hands-on science exhibitions and presenting science in new ways to thousands nationwide.

“Webcasting special events is an increasingly common practice for science museums that are trying to nurture online visitors, but it has been a longstanding activity at the Exploratorium,” writes journalist Tim Gnatek. “Since 1996, the museum has covered science events online, including six eclipses and scientific expeditions to Antarctica and the rain forests of Belize. Webcasts are so common for the Exploratorium, which regularly produces science-themed presentations and even game shows, that it has a broadcasting studio on its exhibition floor, complete with a podium, backdrops and stage lighting . . . But the museum plays an even larger role online than being a video producer for the Web. Over the last 12 years, the Exploratorium's site has become a popular source for science made simple, whether through multimedia events or interactive science exhibitions.” Exploratorium Associate Director Rob Semper, winner of this year’s Faraday Award for contributions to informal science, is quoted in the article, which can be read online at http://travel2.nytimes.com/2006/03/29/arts/artsspecial/29sanfran.html.


Ideas Galore for Bringing the Environment into Your Classroom and Your Students Outdoors This Spring

Fresh out of ideas for celebrating the environment and the season this month? Then you’ll want to take advantage of a wealth of resources to enhance your students’ knowledge of and respect for the environment in celebrating National Environmental Education Week (April 16–22) and Earth Day (April 22). A recent NSTA Reports article provides details for some unique opportunities, including classroom ideas, outdoor hands-on activities, and sources for materials. This picture is the winner of the National EE Week 2005 Photo Contest. To read the article, visit http://www.nsta.org/main/news/stories/nsta_story.php?news_story_ID=51864.


Montana State University Online Course Program Registration Opens; Research to be Presented at NSTA Anaheim

Registration is open for the online summer professional development courses offered by Montana State University, with the earliest course start date of May 8. Full information and course descriptions are available at http://www.scienceteacher.org/courses.htm. “Unique Graduate Program for Science Educators” highlighting research related to this program—which expects to graduate a record number of science educators with a Master of Science in Science Education (MSSE) this summer—will be presented at NSTA’s Anaheim National Conference on April 9. Information on the program is at http://www.montana.edu/msse. Each of the 60 candidates receiving degrees completed up to 80% of graduate credits as online courses. They will present their science education capstone projects at the 8th Professional Symposium in Science Education, June 26–30 at MSU Bozeman, and the event is open to interested science educators.


Hot off the Presses—Latest Issues of NSTA’s Members-Only Journals Offer Free Peek for Nonmembers

The April/May issues of NSTA journals are now available online. Science and Children (grades preK–6) explores Creepy, Crawly Science; Science Scope (grades 6–9) features Writing; and The Science Teacher (grades 9–12) focuses on Community Collaborations.

Members can access all articles online using their member number; nonmembers can read one free article from each journal every month. To view the complete table of contents for each journal, visit the links below.

Science and Children: http://www.nsta.org/gateway&j=sc&n=51830
Science Scope: http://www.nsta.org/gateway&j=ss&n=51905
The Science Teacher: http://www.nsta.org/gateway&j=tst&n=51878

Science Class, your NSTA e-newsletter, explores the same themes and provides additional online resources, such as news stories, SciLinks, and articles from the NSTA journal archives. Look for it in your e-mail inbox on the first Wednesday of every month. Miss an issue? Visit the Science Class archives at http://www.nsta.org/enewsletter/archives.htm.

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Save 30% on April Online Book Special, Science Educator's Guide to Laboratory Assessment, and Reinforce Productive Learning Habits in Grades 6–12

What do your students know, what are they able to do, and what do they value in learning science? Authors of Science Educator's Guide to Laboratory Assessment provide 50 flexible sample assessment activities, field-tested and classroom-ready, in biology, chemistry, physics, and Earth and space science. Book includes text of the Standards for assessment and more. Available during April at a super online-only discount of 30%. To browse and buy, visit http://www.nsta.org/onlinespecial.


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  • Want to present at NSTA’s 2007 National Conference on Science Education in St. Louis? Deadline for online applications is April 15…so hurry. Go to http://www.nsta.org/sessions.
  • Apply by April 20 for FDA/NSTA Washington Summer ’06 Professional Development Week program in Food Science—and expenses are covered—at http://www.nsta.org./fdaapplication.


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