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Meet Linda Froschauer, Your 2006-2007 NSTA President

Linda Froschauer, a middle school science teacher and K-8 Science Department Chair at Weston Public Schools in Weston, Connecticut, began her one-year term as president of NSTA on June 1. Froschauer is an outstanding science educator who is well-known for her leadership in, and dedication to, science education; for more than 30 years, she has been a leader and active member of NSTA. She received a Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching in 1993 and has been actively involved in Project 2061, a national effort to improve science education sponsored by the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Froschauer’s theme for her presidency is Quality Science Teachers—Essential to America’s Future, focusing heavily on providing support and mentoring for preservice teachers and those new to the teaching profession.

To read more about NSTA's new president, visit http://www.nsta.org/pressroom&news_story_ID=52129.

At the same time, John Whitsett, a physics teacher at Fond du Lac High School, in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, becomes President-Elect. To read more about him, visit http://www.nsta.org/nstaexpress/nstaexpress_2006_06_05_whitsett.htm.

To read an NSTA Reports Online Exclusive on NSTA's new officers, visit http://www.nsta.org/main/news/stories/nsta_story.php?news_story_ID=52130.


NSTA Express Readers Reveal Top Barriers to Student Achievement in Science

Thanks to all of the NSTA Express readers who took our survey asking for barriers that hinder the nation’s ability to improve student achievement in science. More than 750 readers took the survey; listed below are the top three barriers.

  • Students not taught enough science at the early grades (41.7%)
  • Lack of classroom time dedicated to science instruction (35.6%)
  • Classroom management problems (student behavior/class size) (34.7%)

Other top barriers include

  • Lack of adequate time for planning, working with other teachers (34.3%)
  • Lack of science materials, resources, and facilities (33.2%)
  • Quality and quantity of meaningful professional development for science teachers (28.3%)

AYP Survey…Still Time to Weigh in on NSTA Express' Latest Survey
Last week’s survey (included under the headline story “Science Education Champions in Congress Introduce Bill to Include Science in AYP”) asked readers for opinions about including science assessment results in state’s adequate yearly progress (AYP). There is still time to take this survey. Please let us know what you think by going to http://www.nsta.org/survey_science_assessment_in_ayp.


Behind the Books: New Series Features Audio Conversations With NSTA Press Authors; Picture-Perfect Duo Launch Podcasts

You’ve heard about them, you've read them, and now you can hear NSTA Press authors talking with us about their popular book. And in NSTA’s first Behind the Books podcast, you’ll even listen in as award-winning Picture-Perfect Science Lessons authors Karen Rohrich Ansberry and Emily Morgan share their experiences of working with their young students. More of these special interviews with Tyson Brown, NSTA’s Director—New Products and Services, are in the works. Whether or not you’ve read the featured books, we hope you’ll find these podcasts interesting, thought-provoking, and helpful. To listen, visit http://www.nsta.org/behindthebooks.


NSTA Web Seminar Schedule for June Winds Up Year Presenting Corals, Energy, and The Universe Topics

Coral Bleaching 101 is the topic for NSTA’s free online web seminar this Wednesday. Led by National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) oceanographer C. Mark Eakin, the event is designed for science educators in grades 5-12, requiring only registration and internet access for participants. Two other topics in the grant-supported series are scheduled this month as the program winds down for the school year. On Wednesday, June 14, NSTA Press author Bill Robertson will present Energy: Stop Faking It! (grades 3-8) in his own illuminating and accessible style, so popular with buyers of his best-selling series of books. The following Wednesday, June 21, NASA presents Natalie Batalha, Assistant Professor of Physics and Astronomy at San Jose State University, in a seminar Stars, Planets, Life, and the Universe (grades 4-9). Seminars are scheduled for 6:30-8:00 p.m. EST so that all U.S. time zones can participate live with content and pedagogical experts providing real-time answers to questions. For information and to register, visit http://www.nsta.org/pd/institute.aspxweb_seminars.asp.


And Don't Forget... 

  • During the month of June, you can purchase the Online Book Special—The Teacher Edition of Invasion Ecology—at 30% off list price when you buy online. To browse the book and to order to order now, visit http://www.nsta.org/onlinespecial.
  • Special $22 Preservice, New-Teacher Membership Offer…Check it out! Visit http://www.nsta.org/geicospecial to learn more.



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