WebNews Digest

WebNews Digest links to science and education stories from various regional and national newspapers, as well as publications such as Scientific American, National Geographic, and the science and technology pages of the major networks. Original stories from NSTA news writers provide insights into today’s hot issues and depth of coverage on events, such as NSTA’s conferences on science education.

NSTA’s home page (http://www.nsta.org) shows the day’s top three stories, but the WebNews Digest provides summaries for many stories. Divided into four main categories—education, science, legislative, or NSTA Reports—WebNews Digest also sorts the news stories into many subcategories, such as technology and education policy, to help you find the stories to help you in your teaching.

Whether you share the stories with your students or use them to keep yourself informed, NSTA’s WebNews Digest, http://www.nsta.org/mainnews is the news source for you.

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