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Happy Hunting Predicted for Dinosaur Seekers (Nature News)

New research estimates that more than 1,300 new groups of dinosaur species remain to be discovered. The estimate is higher than researchers previously thought. In 1990, when 285 genera were known, scientists estimated that about 900 to 1,200 new genera could still be discovered. The study’s authors note the increase is partially due to new scientists entering the field and unearthing fossils from unexplored parts of the world like China, Mongolia, and South America.


NSTA Legislative Update: Spellings Says No Child Left Behind Near Perfect

During an interview with reporters last week Education Secretary Margaret Spellings strongly supported No Child Left Behind and said the law needs little in the way of revisions. ''I talk about No Child Left Behind like Ivory soap: It's 99.9 percent pure or something,'' Spellings told reporters. ''There's not much needed in the way of change,'' reports Associated Press . . . “Yet her view that the law needs little change is notable because it differs so sharply from others with a stake, including many teachers, school administrators and lawmakers.” The remarks come as these stakeholders (including NSTA) turn attention to the reauthorization of the education law, slated for 2007. To read the Associated Press story, visit http://www.nsta.org/nstaexpress/nstaexpress_2006_09_11_AParticle.htm. To read the Washington Post article on Secretary Spellings remarks, visit http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2006/08/30/AR2006083002914.html

In other news as part of their commitment to science and math education and related legislation now before Congress, the Business Roundtable sponsored a unique back to school initiative by delivering lunchboxes containing messages on competitiveness and math and science education to every member of Congress. To read the press release on the Back to School, Back to Congress, Back to Action on U.S. Competitiveness initiative, visit http://www.businessroundtable.org//newsroom/document.aspx?qs=58F6BF807822B0F1ADD458422FB51711FCF50C8,or to view the ad that ran in major Capitol Hill and Washington, D.C. publications, visit http://www.nsta.org/nstaexpress/ad.pdf.


Teaching Science in the 21st Century—A New Series in NSTA Reports

How do we best position our science programs for students to succeed in the 21st century? The answer to this question is the focus of a new series in NSTA Reports, “Teaching Science in the 21st Century.” NSTA Reports is the association’s newspaper, published monthly from September to May. The series is based on the new NSTA Press book of the same name. The first in the series features an introduction by Jack Rhoton, co-editor of the book, and George Nelson’s opinion piece “An Evolutionary Framework for Instructional Materials.” To read the article, visit http://www.nsta.org/main/news/stories/nsta_story.php?news_story_ID=52532. Look for future installments in NSTA Reports.


NSTA Midwestern Area Conference Early Bird Discount Deadline Approaches

Register for the October 19-21 Omaha Midwestern Area Conference by September 15 to get the best rate of the season! Omaha’s setting provides an ideal location to discuss topics as diverse as Assessment for Learning, Teaching for Learning in Science, Freshwater Systems Science and so much more! As with each NSTA conference, we provide the best speakers to give you the latest tools for educating your students and enhancing your own content and pedagogical knowledge. From strands which give you a quick look at what presentations are of similar interest to half day and full day long Symposia with experts, NSTA’s area conferences have something for everyone! And don’t forget about our special field trips for behind the scenes looks! Omaha’s field trip will take you on a special tour of the Omaha Zoo! See the conference web site http://www.nsta.org/conferencedetail&Meeting_Code=2006OMA for details.


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