Dream Science Classroom
Premieres on The Science Channel on October 29 at 8 P.M.

Dream Science Classroom is a one-hour show for The Science Channel that chronicles the design-and-build of a new state-of-the-art middle school science classroom. Many science classrooms around the country are in desperate need of a makeover, and now one exceptional teacher, who has succeeded in teaching and inspiring his students in spite of the state of his classroom, will see his dream become a reality. His students and a team of designers work through the long hot summer to create the ultimate surprise. It's out with the old and in with the new as they race the clock to complete their mission before the new school year starts.

The Science Channel scoured the country in search of the perfect teacher to receive the Dream Science Classroom and they found that special teacher in Brad Edwards. Brad is a 7th Grade Science Teacher who was born and raised in Rahway, New Jersey, a blue collar town 30 minutes south of New York City. A star baseball player and honor student, he returned to his humble roots, leaving a high paying job, to pursue his two dreams, science and teaching. Brad Edwards is working with tough conditions, a lack of funding and substandard conditions, yet still manages to overcome and creatively teach and inspire his students.

The show offer viewers a first-hand look into the process of designing and building a dream learning environment. We learn about this inspirational teacher, hear from his students and watch with joy as the Dream Science Classroom is presented to the school and their deserving teacher.

The show commences in June, at the end of the school year, as we visit Brad for the first time. Brad thinks this is merely a profile of several dedicated teachers. He is asked to create a list of items he would include in a hypothetical Dream Science Classroom. But he has no idea that the show is all about him, and the items he wishes for will all soon be his.

As the school year comes to a close, we rejoin the students as they work during their summer break on a project that will affect the lives of every student that follow in their footsteps. As soon as school lets out for the summer, the designers, builders, and students descend on the classroom, without Brad's knowledge, to design and build the dream classroom. From physical changes to the room, to the tools and supplies necessary for learning and discovery, the makeover is dramatic.

The science class has been redesigned to become a special center for learning. The new room includes hands on tools for the students, and makes learning fun through its unique design and cutting edge technology. A haven for learning, research, and experimentation, Dream Science Classroom will be a model for what a science class can and should be, and will be a model for all classrooms, regardless of discipline.

The Dream Science Classroom faces many challenges. Time is limited, the budget is tight and the amount of work needed to makeover this classroom is incredible. But possibly the greatest challenge is keeping the surprise. Brad is anxious to return to school to prepare his lesson plans and his class for the new year and it requires the cooperation of the administration and his students to keep him away and to keep the secret for the entire renovation.

On the first day of the new school year, the production team meets Brad before he enters the building to find out what he expects from the new year. He is still unaware of the transformation that has taken place inside his class. And when Brad walks into the classroom for the first time, he will receive the ultimate surprise. He will be greeted by his former pupils, the school board, and the media, and the amazing changes that have taken place, in an emotion-filled and inspirational reveal.

Dream Science Classroom will premiere on October 29, 2006 at 8 PM on The Science Channel (available only on Digital Cable and satellite).

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