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NSTA Members: Ballots Mailed This Week For the 2007 Election

Ballots are being mailed/e-mailed this week for the 2007 NSTA Board of Directors and Council election. Also included on this ballot is an important proposed Bylaws change. Members are encouraged to vote online at http://www.nsta.org/vote or mail in ballots before the March 1, 2007, deadline. Need your ballot number? Contact nominations@nsta.org. This is the last year for paper ballots. If you haven't provided an e-mail address, please update your information at http://www.nsta.org/yourmembership. Please note that you must have your printed ballot in hand to vote online.


NSTA Legislative Update: Funding for FY2007 Federal Programs Will be at FY2006 Levels

With only two appropriations bills completed for FY2007 federal programs (that began on October 1, 2006) incoming Democratic leaders say they intend to keep FY2007 government programs funded at FY2006 levels for the rest of the fiscal year. Read this and more in this issue of the NSTA Legislative Update (http://www.nsta.org/nstaexpress/nstaexpress_2006_12_18_legupdate.htm).


Ready, Set, Register!

It’s that time of year! That wonderful time of year when you get to…

Register for NSTA’s National Conference on Science Education! Our dazzling array of featured speakers, symposia, sessions, and presentations, short courses, and professional development institutes, field trips, and research dissemination conference is ready for you at http://www.nsta.org/conferences.

You can start your registration process using the Personal Scheduler at http://www.nsta.org/pd/institute.aspxpersonal_sched_launch.asp?meeting=2007STL, and create your own personal professional development itinerary for use in obtaining the funding you need to join us for the most rewarding career experience you’ll have all year. Then register when ready at https://ecommerce.nsta.org/2007STL!


Carbon Globules in Meteorite May Have Seeded Earth Life

Life on Earth may have started with the help of tiny hollow spheres that formed in the cold depths of space, a new study suggests. The analysis of carbon bubbles found in a meteorite shows they are not Earth contaminants and must have formed in temperatures near absolute zero. Visit http://space.newscientist.com/article/dn10699-carbon-globules-in-meteorite-may-have-seeded-earth-life.html to read more.


Interview with Stop Faking It Author—Podcast Now Available

Flummoxed by formulas? Queasy about equations? Perturbed by pi? Now you can stop cursing over calculus and start cackling over Math, the newest volume in Bill Robertson’s Stop Faking It! books. To listen to an interview with Robertson, visit http://www.nsta.org/behindthebooks.


Happy Holidays from the NSTA—See You in 2007

NSTA would like to wish all of you a happy holiday season and a healthy and prosperous new year. NSTA Express will return to a regular weekly schedule on Monday, January 8. See you in 2007!


And Don’t Forget…




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