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NSTA Legislative Update: House Committee Passes Bill Based on Rising Above the Gathering Storm Recommendations

In this issue of the NSTA Legislative Update, the House Science Committee passes legislation based on the popular report Rising Above the Gathering Storm, and a rising storm of criticism is surfacing as Congress prepares to reauthorize No Child Left Behind. To read more, visit http://www.nsta.org/nstaexpress/nstaexpress_2007_04_16_legupdate.htm.


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The April/May issues of NSTA’s journals are available online. Members can access articles from all four of NSTA’s grade-specific journals online using their member number; nonmembers can read one free article from each journal every month. To view the complete table of contents for the April/May issues of our K-12 journals, visit the links below.

Not a member and want to join? Visit http://www.nsta.org/join or http://ecommerce.nsta.org/sendmeinfo to request additional information.


Teaching Science in the 21st Century: Part 8 in a Series from NSTA Reports

The eighth installment in NSTA Reports’ series is titled “Research Reveals Bumps on All Roads to Certification”. Written by Norman G. Lederman, Judith Sweeney Lederman, and Fouad-Abd-El-Khalick, the piece states “The literature on alternative programs and pathways clearly indicates that alternative routes to certification come in many shapes and sizes. More importantly, the research shows that graduates of such programs do as well as graduates of “traditional” programs in terms of student science achievement and instructional knowledge/skills. This finding was quite different than what our intuition had led us to believe. If there is a relative weakness of alternative programs and pathways, it is in the area of retention. That is, graduates of alternative programs are more likely to leave the teaching profession because it does not match the expectations they had of teaching as a career.”

This series offers opinion pieces by many of the leaders in science education today. To read the eighth installment in the series, visit http://www.nsta.org/main/news/stories/nsta_story.php?news_story_ID=53764. To find out more about the book by the same name that inspired the series, visit http://store.nsta.org/showItem.asp?product=PB195X.


Nanoscale Science Activity Manual Now Available

Using guided inquiry with open-ended exploration, science teachers will find Nanoscale Science’s 20 investigations fun and inspiring for students to learn about the unique properties and behavior of materials at the nanoscale—one-billionth of the size of a meter. The activities are organized around five themes:

  • size and scale,
  • tools and techniques,
  • unique properties and behaviors,
  • nanotechnology applications, and
  • societal implications.

For information and to read a chapter of the book visit: http://store.nsta.org/showItem.asp?product=PB210X.


Turn to NTEN This Summer for Professional Development

The National Teachers Enhancement Network (NTEN) is prepared to meet your professional development goals this summer. Registration is open and teachers can choose between 22 online courses in eleven disciplines, including astronomy, biology, chemistry, Earth science, education, entomology, land resources and environmental science, math, microbiology, nutrition, and physics.

Headlining this summer's offerings is NTEN's powerful course “The Fascinating Bug: Learning about Insects through Observation and Inquiry.” Co-taught by a Smithsonian science consultant and an award-winning nonfiction children's book illustrator, this graduate level course is designed to launch K-6 grade teachers and their students into the intriguing world of entomology. A starter kit of "safe, fascinating, classroom-friendly and easy-to-maintain" live bugs will be sent to you as part of the course.

For more details about "The Fascinating Bug" and all of NTEN's summer 2007 professional development course offerings for science educators at all grade levels, visit http://www.scienceteacher.org/courses.htm or call 800-282-6062. NTEN is a program of Montana State University and most courses offer graduate credit. NSTA members receive a 10% discount on select courses.


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