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Week of September 17, 2007

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Early Registration Available for October Online Courses from the American Museum of Natural History

Sign up today for a fall course through Seminars on Science from the American Museum of Natural History. Join teachers from around the globe in exploring rich, diverse resources and eye-opening discussions on up-to-date science topics.

Fall courses include Earth: Inside and Out; The Ocean System; Evolution; The Link Between Dinosaurs and Birds; and Genetics, Genomics, Genethics. Free sample resources are available for each course at learn.amnh.org.

Designed for K–12 educators, each six-week course is led by an experienced classroom teacher and a scientist affiliated with the American Museum of Natural History. In-depth readings and assignments paired with rich web-based discussions assure that educators come away from each class with a deeper understanding of both the science and the tools of scientific inquiry. Graduate credit is available, and each participant will receive a CD of course resources suitable for classroom use.

Registration closes October 8 for Fall Session Two (Oct. 22–Dec. 2). Sign up by September 24 and receive a $50 early registration discount. For more information and to register, go to learn.amnh.org or call 800-649-6715.

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Now Accepting Proposals for NSTA's 2008–2009 Conference Season

This is your chance to submit a session proposal for NSTA’s 2008–2009 conferences. Our 2008 area conferences include Charlotte, North Carolina (Oct. 30–Nov. 1); Portland, Oregon (Nov. 20–22); and Cincinnati, Ohio (Dec. 4–6). In 2009 NSTA will hold its national conference in New Orleans, LA (March 19–22). Deadlines for submissions are January 15, 2008, for the 2008 area conferences, and April 15, 2008, for the New Orleans National Conference. For more information, visit the Conferences area of the NSTA website..

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Behind the Books: A Conversation With the Authors of Nanoscale Science

You've heard about them, you've read them, and now you can hear NSTA Press authors talking with us about their popular books. In NSTA's fifth Behind the Books podcast, listen in as Nanoscale Science authors Gail Jones, Mike Falvo, and Amy Taylor describe nanostructures, the prospects of this nexus of science disciplines and technologies, the ethical implications, and the learning opportunities. More of these special interviews with Tyson Brown, NSTA's Director for New Products and Services, are in the works. Whether or not you've read the featured books, we hope you'll find these podcasts interesting, thought-provoking, and helpful.

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New PBS Film Celebrates the Wonders of Stargazing

Seeing in the Dark, a new film by Timothy Ferris, introduces viewers to the rewards of first-person, hands-on astronomy and profiles amateur astronomers who have seen and captured phenomenal images within and beyond our solar system and galaxy. It also features deep-space images by some of the world's most respected astrophotographers.

The companion website includes a special section for educators and features a robotic telescope located at a high-altitude site in New Mexico. Students and teachers can request images of the galaxy by registering online and then sending an e-mail specifying the object they would like to image (for free).

The website also has a digital star chart that can be customized for your date and location. You can even set it to get the most suitable results depending on whether you're observing with the unaided eye, binoculars, or a small telescope.

Seeing in the Dark premieres September 19 (check your local listing for times).

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Don't Miss the Denver Earlybird Deadline: September 21!

Looking for an in-depth professional development experience to improve your content knowledge or pedagogical understanding? NSTA has just what you need in Denver at our Area Conference on Science Education, November 8–10! Join us for discussions and courses on timely and engaging topics to advance your science learning and teaching.

Sample just a few of our offerings. Elementary school teachers can discover new hands-on activities integrating math, science, and literacy. Middle school teachers become experts on assessment. High school teachers can attend workshops in their disciplines, and college professors can learn about spectroscopy and supernovae remnants, perfect for Earth science and chemistry. How about a workshop on force and motion fundamentals? Take part in a workshop to help you teach science to English language learners more successfully. And we have an exhibit hall chock-full of new products, lesson plans, and giveaways. NSTA’s conferences have something for everyone, and we want you to take it all back to the classroom.

Remember, when you attend our Denver conference as a member, not only do you save the most on registration, you get a whole year’s worth of benefits. Register by September 21 to save. See you in Denver! Visit www.nsta.org/denver.

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Science Educators: Dig Into NSTA With a Free Book PLUS $10 Off Dues!

When you make use of the information in NSTA Express, you’re just scratching the surface of the many ways that NSTA membership helps you be the best science educator you can be. Science education is changing, and you need to know how to teach to meet the new federal requirements and state standards and assessment practices. NSTA makes it easy for you to expand and enhance your knowledge and teaching skills, to make your voice heard on important state and national education issues, and to share your expertise with other members as part of a national community of committed educators.

Here’s our annual Back to School special. Join NSTA now through September 30, receive $10 off your individual regular* membership dues, and have your choice of a free book: Elementary Teachers get Picture Perfect Science Lessons; Middle School Teachers get Doing Good Science in Middle School; and High School Teachers get both the Student and Teacher editions of Watershed Dynamics!

Click here to join thousands of educators who find NSTA teachers’ resources unmatched. Take a look at what members enjoy.

*This offer valid only on new memberships. This offer cannot be combined with any other offer. This offer is only valid on individual, regular membership at the standard $74 rate and not for any other membership category, such as Student, New Teacher, or Retired.

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And Don’t Forget…

Membership Means You Belong! Join NSTA for these essential benefits that will enhance your marketability in the teaching profession and build your professional knowledge. Being a member of NSTA means you’re part of an international community of practitioners dedicated to improving science education.

Visit the NSTA Science Store for an outstanding array of bestselling books and teaching resources. Receive 30% off of the September featured book, Doing Good Science in Middle School: A Practical Guide to Inquiry-Based Instruction .

Visit our member services web page to ensure that NSTA has your current contact information.

NSTA is offering more Web Seminars starting in October. Visit the website for more information about these upcoming professional development opportunities.

Professional development courses in your future?
Online options give you a world of choice.
Take a look at these groups offering courses for science educators!


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