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Week of September 24, 2007

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Students, Parents Content to "Outsource" Science and Math

Leaders and experts across the country say schools must do more to ensure that students have strong skills in science, math, and technology. Parents and students surveyed in Kansas and Missouri agree that these skills are indeed crucial—but for others, not them.

The study, conducted by Public Agenda, shows that parents and students know that the nation’s standings in science, math, and technology education have slipped below those of other countries, and they are aware that students who succeed in advanced courses in these subjects can expect a bright future. But only 25% of Missouri and Kansas parents believe their children should study more science and math, and 70% said things “are fine as they are now.” Parents tend to view the curriculum their children are studying to be much harder than what they were taught, causing them to think that their children are on track for the future.

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You Can Still Save on Your Detroit Conference Registration

Don’t pay full price for registration to the Detroit Conference on Science Education October 18-20! Our advance discount ends September 28. Our NSTA conferences offer you the professional development sessions you need to become the best teacher you can be. From presentations on content knowledge to new assessment techniques to strategic teaching for NCLB requirements, NSTA conferences open the door to your future.

Save as much as $99 if you are an NSTA member. Remember, when you attend as a member, you get a whole year’s worth of member benefits. Keep in mind: if you are a Michigan teacher, you can earn state board CEUs to help fulfill your career-building goals.

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NSTA's Online Short Course Offers Graduate Credit

NSTA is pleased to announce that participants of the NSTA Short Course will be able to receive two graduate professional development credits from the University of Idaho upon completion of the course. Complete details are provided on the NSTA Short Course page.

Our first short course is Force and Motion. The first "class" will be October 3. As a participant you will meet live online with a content expert, Dr. Matt Bobrowsky, and other educators on five Wednesdays to ask questions and have discussions about force and motion. You will also be able to work on your own time with self-paced materials to boost your knowledge of the topic.

There is still time to register, but space is limited. For more details and to register, visit the NSTA Short Course web page.

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Toshiba/NSTA ExploraVision Awards—Now in its 16th Year!

The Toshiba/NSTA ExploraVision Awards Program, one of the world’s largest K–12 science and technology competitions, is calling young scientists to enter its 2008 challenge. Since 1993, ExploraVision has encouraged students to envision a better future by asking participating teams to select a current technology and imagine what it might be like in 20 years. By combining their imagination with the tools of science, students have conceptualized creative solutions for current world and societal problems as well as quality-of-life issues.

The innovative ideas hatched by young ExploraVision “inventors” earn winning students up to $240,000 in savings bonds each year, in addition to Toshiba laptop computers for schools and other Toshiba-branded products for students, coaches, and mentors. ExploraVision’s propensity for enhancing student learning and interest in science has fueled its popularity, and many teachers now include it as part of their overall science curriculum. The program is open to all K-12 public, private, and home-schooled students, and teachers have coached more than 230,000 students in the competition so far. All students are recognized for completing an entry and receive a unique gift and a certificate of achievement.

The 2007-08 Entry Kit, Brochure, Program Rules, Resources, Tips, and past winners’ projects are now available at www.exploravision.org. Or request information and an application at 1-800-EXPLOR-9 or exploravision@nsta.org.

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Science Educators: Dig into NSTA With a Free Book PLUS $10 Off Dues!

When you make use of the information in NSTA Express, you’re just scratching the surface of the many ways that NSTA membership helps you be the best science educator you can be. Science education is changing, and you need to know how to teach to meet the new federal requirements and state standards and assessment practices. NSTA makes it easy for you to expand and enhance your knowledge and teaching skills, to make your voice heard on important state and national education issues, and to share your expertise with other members as part of a national community of committed educators.

DEADLINE EXTENDED on our annual Back to School special. You can join NSTA now through October 19, receive $10 off your individual regular* membership dues, and have your choice of a free book: (Elementary Teachers get Picture Perfect Science Lessons; Middle School Teachers get Doing Good Science in Middle School; and High School Teachers get both the Student and Teacher editions of Watershed Dynamics!)

Click here to join thousands of educators who find NSTA teachers’ resources unmatched. Take a look at what members enjoy.

*This offer valid only on new memberships. This offer cannot be combined with any other offer. This offer is only valid on individual, regular membership at the standard $74 rate and not for any other membership category, such as Student, New Teacher, or Retired.

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Apply for NSTA's Awards

NSTA and its sponsors recognize and reward exemplary teachers (preK-College) and principals (middle level and high school) with cash, trips, workshops, science program materials, and more. These awards offer opportunities to receive professional and personal recognition and to share your school's science education success stories.

Don't miss the application deadline for NSTA's awards: October 15, 2007. The SeaWorld Outstanding Environmental Educator Award has a November 30 deadline.

For more details about the awards or to download an application form, consult www.nsta.org/awards.

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And Don’t Forget…

Membership Means You Belong! Join NSTA for these essential benefits that will enhance your marketability in the teaching profession and build your professional knowledge. Being a member of NSTA means you’re part of an international community of practitioners dedicated to improving science education.

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