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Week of October 1, 2007

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NSTA Executive Director Reflects on the Impact of Sputnik on Science Education in the U.S.

History changed on October 4, 1957, when the Soviet Union amazed the world. The successful launch of Sputnik I ushered in a new era and forever changed the way people thought about science, education, and politics. NSTA Executive Director Gerry Wheeler was interviewed recently by the New York Times and National Public Radio's All Things Considered. He spoke about the impact of Sputnik on education and also discussed the current state of science education in the United States.

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NAEP Scores Show Progress in Reading and Mathematics

Results last week from the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), known as the Nation's Report Card, show gains in reading scores for fourth graders and growth in math scores for both fourth and eighth graders. At grade four in both subjects there was an increase in the percentage of students performing at or above Basic and at or above Proficient. White, Black, Hispanic, and Asian and Pacific Islander fourth-grade students attained higher scores in 2007 than their peers in 2005. In grade 8 in both subjects, a higher percentage of students performed at or above Basic, and the percentage of students performing at or above Proficient increased in mathematics.

Administration officials immediately lauded the results. “Student achievement is on the rise,” said Secretary Spellings. “No Child Left Behind is working. It’s doable, reasonable, and necessary. Any efforts to weaken accountability would fly in the face of rising achievement.”

In a press statement President Bush stated, “These scores confirm that No Child Left Behind is working and producing positive results for students across the country. Since No Child Left Behind became law in 2002, the states have been setting standards and holding schools accountable for ensuring that every child can read and do math at grade level. We are successfully challenging the soft bigotry of low expectations and continuing to make significant progress in reforming our schools.”

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NSTA Adopts Revised Position Statement: Liability of Science Educators for Laboratory Safety

The NSTA Board of Directors recently voted to adopt the newly revised position statement, Liability of Science Educators for Laboratory Safety. The statement gives important recommendations to science educators who have a "duty of care to ensure the safety of students, teachers, and staff," as well as to school leaders, district administrators, school boards, and others who share in that responsibility.

NSTA would like to thank the members of the position statement panel, who worked over several months to develop this statement, as well as the NSTA members who provided feedback during its development.

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Applying for NSTA Awards Just Got Easier

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All of the teacher and principal award applications can now be filled out and submitted online at www.nsta.org/awards. Deadlines are fast approaching. Most award deadlines are October 15.

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