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Week of March 10, 2008

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Ben Stein Stars in Documentary on "Intelligent Design"

Here's a heads-up on the latest development in the discussion of "intelligent design" (ID) and its place in the science classroom:

"Big science has expelled smart new ideas from the classroom. What they forgot is that every generation has its Rebel." That's the tagline for a controversial documentary on "intelligent design" scheduled to open in theaters nationwide on April 18. Expelled, No Intelligence Allowed stars Ben Stein and chronicles his "quest to expose the suppression by science's anti-theist elite, and unveil new scientific facts that may suggest evidence of intelligent design in the universe."

The section of the movie's website devoted to resources for "leaders" claims: "There is a movement on the horizon that has the potential to change the educational system in America and influence your kids, you and the youth you serve ... Your students are being bombarded with such propaganda throughout their education; despite the fact that MOST Americans do NOT believe we're the result of 'random chance.' Well, FINALLY help is on the way." The website provides information about and resources for a nationwide campaign led by students in conjunction with the film's release that will "help them understand the academic suppression they're being subjected to, and the new evidence that shows that science and faith are compatible." One of the goals of the campaign will be to host debates on ID at high schools and universities.

(N.B. This item was expanded after the newsletter was mailed.)

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Professional Development Opportunities at NSTA's Boston Conference

The National Science Teachers Association invites you to experience the finest in professional development opportunities at our National Conference in Boston. We are bringing together science educators who want to be the best they can be with science leaders who care to share their knowledge. Below is a list of a wide range of activities and events to stimulate and challenge your thinking and practice.

Professional Development Institutes (PDIs), Wednesday, March 26

PDI's are (ticketed) opportunities for daylong comprehensive workshops with 12 hours of “Pathway” sessions scheduled for Thursday and Friday to expand on ideas and knowledge learned.

Topics covered: Inquiry, Technology, Engineering, Mentoring, Coaching, Outdoor Education, Issue-oriented Science, Lesson Planning, Leadership, Professional Learning Communities, Literacy (Reading and Writing).

For the complete portfolio of Professional Development Institutes and Pathway sessions, visit the Professional Development Institutes web pages.

Science Assessment: Research and Practical Approaches, Saturday, March 29

In response to the current interest in science assessment strategies in grades 3–12 classrooms, Saturday's daylong Research Dissemination Conference (ticketed) focuses on assessments that play key roles in learning how to learn; understanding the cognitive frameworks and thinking patterns of students; measuring progress in relationship to curricular goals; and communicating information about program effectiveness and student accomplishments to parents, the community, and other stakeholders.

This session offers NSF-funded program findings and related research, and best practice in the area of assessment. The conference format includes plenary sessions as well as 16 concurrent small-group sessions. Teachers, administrators at the school and district levels, and professional development providers shouldn't miss it. Visit the Research Dissemination Conference web pages for details.

Don't forget one graduate credit can be earned for 12 hours of program attendance, sponsored by Framingham State College. Click here for details.

 To register online, visit www.nsta.org/boston.

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Did You Know?

As a member of NSTA, you have access to over 8,000 peer-reviewed science websites that offer a range of resources for your classroom activities and student enrichment. Called SciLinks®, you can locate science content, lesson plans, assessment strategies, and other science resources on websites already researched by experts, regardless of whether or not you're a SciLinked textbook user, and all free of charge! Get the most out of your membership with SciLinks—for you as well as your students. Try NSTA's SciLinks now.

Read what other users think of this unique tool for NSTA members.

As always, please keep in touch! If you have questions, send an e-mail to membership@nsta.org or call Member Services at 800-722-6782. Your member experience is our top priority!

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And Don’t Forget…

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