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Week of April 11, 2011

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The New Science Teacher Academy Calls for Science Teacher Participants

For second- and third-year middle and high school science teachers, the opportunity to participate in the New Science Teacher Academy, a one year professional development and mentoring program, can make all the difference in performance for you and your students. Emphasizing quality science teaching, enhanced teacher confidence, classroom excellence, and solid content knowledge, participants (Academy Fellows) enjoy top-notch face-to-face and online support and access to comprehensive educational resources. June 13 is the deadline for applying to this program. The benefits for those selected into the program also include all-expenses paid (accommodations, airfare, meals, and registration fees) attendance at the NSTA National Conference on Science Education. For more information or to upload an application, visit www.nsta.org/academy, where you can also hear past fellows talk about their Academy experiences.

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Department of Education TEACH Campaign Now Underway

The Department of Education recently released a public service announcement by President Obama illustrating his support for the TEACH campaign.

President Obama and Secretary of Education Arne Duncan launched TEACH last year as a national initiative aimed at recruiting the next generation of teachers. TEACH is dedicated to inspiring America’s best and brightest to become teachers and celebrating America’s teachers. The TEACH campaign also provides information about the teaching profession, teaching positions open across the country, and testimonials from teachers, leaders, and others celebrating teaching.

For more information, visit TEACH.gov.

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End of Federal Stimulus Puts Squeeze on Education Budgets

As reported in Education Week:

States are finally arriving at the “funding cliff”—the point where about $100 billion in federal economic-stimulus aid for education runs out. The loss seems certain to compound severe budget woes and could mean thousands of school layoffs and the elimination of popular programs and services in districts across the country.

The bulk of that one-time aid, part of $814 billion provided under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act passed in 2009, went to save the jobs of teachers and other school employees, as state and local tax bases and other revenue sources collapsed during the prolonged economic downturn of the past few years.

But states are required to have spent the majority of their stimulus aid by September, and most will burn through it even sooner, by the end of the current academic year, budget experts say.

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Don't Miss Out! Deadline Is Fast Approaching to Submit a Session Proposal for the 2012 Indianapolis National Conference

Share your good ideas at the 2012 NSTA Indianapolis National Conference on Science Education. Don’t delay—the deadline for submissions is April 15, 2011. For more information, visit www.nsta.org/conferences. Here you can submit a proposal by clicking “Presenting at NSTA Conferences” on the left.

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Two Heads are Better Than One—Pre-Order Team Teaching Science

Team Teaching Science: Success for All Learners, the definitive guide for developing successful team teaching partnerships that maximize student learning, will help preservice and inservice special education teachers, K–12 science teachers, and methods professors. Using both research-based practices and insight from personal experiences co-teaching, the authors offer convincing suggestions for a successful co-teaching experience. The bulk of the book covers team teaching and includes lesson plans, strategies, and tips along with a strong section on science instruction. This handy resource will help meet the challenges that co-teachers encounter in the classroom.

Pre-order today and save up to 30% off the list price.

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NRC Reports Free to Your Classroom

Each year, the Division on Earth & Life Studies of the National Research Council produces about 60 expert consensus reports (reports produced by a committee of experts convened by the National Academies) in such areas as agriculture, water and natural resource management, biosafety, disaster response, climate change energy, and environmental health. For many of its reports, the division produces four-page "briefs" that make it easy to find out about the report's main findings and conclusions. For teachers, these briefs can serve as a valuable tool in explaining complicated scientific topics to students.

The Report in Brief series offers the complete set of these briefs for the years 2002–2010. The briefs can be removed and reproduced to better serve your curriculum and classroom needs.  An index in the back guides readers to the topics covered. The sets are being offered free through July 2011. Order yours today.

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