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Week of June 6, 2011

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What's New in NSTA's Journals

We’ve been busy here this spring, and we hope you’ll “like” what we’ve done! The NSTA journals are now on Facebook, so come check us out and see what you’re missing:

If you’ve got free time on your hands this summer, think about writing for the journals. You’ll be providing valuable insight to your colleagues, and you’ll boost your resume as well. For more information, visit our call for papers pages:

The Journal of College Science Teaching is seeking a column editor for a new column, “The Two-Year Community,” which will focus on teaching and learning in the community college environment. If you are interested, please contact JCST’s Field Editor, Ann Cutler, at acutler@uindy.edu.

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Win a Professional Development Scholarship—Apply by Aug. 1

Now entering its fifth year, the New Science Teacher Academy, one of NSTA’s premier programs providing professional development and mentoring to second- and third-year secondary science teachers, is open for applications. We know districts are struggling with budgetary constraints and many new teachers, especially, are feeling the pain of temporary displacement. We’re working with teachers to provide flexibility in the Academy application process while districts make difficult staffing choices. So we encourage you to apply to participate, even while you wait to hear about your classroom posting.

Two hundred teachers will become Fellows in the 2011 Academy, a cost-free program that offers consistent, online professional development activities along with face-to-face experiences. The Academy provides each teacher with a year-long, discipline-specific mentor, web-based content development courses and other resources, membership in the NSTA, and an opportunity to attend the National Conference on Science Education. The Academy has supported more than 600 teachers nationwide and this exciting opportunity is waiting for you. Apply by Aug. 1. Visit www.nsta.org/academy or contact the project director, Damaries Blondonville at dblondonville@nsta.org for more information.

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Join NSTA for a TweetChat on Integrated Science

Interested in integrated science? Join us on Thursday, June 9th, at 3:30 p.m. EST at #nstachat on Twitter. If you have integrated science as part of your curriculum, or would like to learn more about how to do so, join NSTA staff and members of the science teaching community for our second monthly “chat.” Click here for information on how to participate.

Our first TweetChat was on summer PD, and the conversation was enlightening—it covered everything from “UNconferencing” to great summer reads. If you missed it, don’t despair. You can find a recap here. And we’d like to thank the creators of the #scichat TweetChat for the inspiration—this past Tuesday was their one-year anniversary, and we’ve been big fans all along.

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The National Academies Press Makes All PDF Books Free to Download

As of June 2, all PDF versions of books published by the National Academies Press (NAP) will be downloadable to anyone free of charge. This includes a current catalog of more than 4,000 books plus future reports produced by the Press. Printed books will continue to be available for purchase through the NAP website and traditional channels.

The free PDFs are available exclusively from the NAPís website and remain subject to copyright laws. PDF versions exist for the vast majority of NAP books.

Exceptions include some books that were published before the advent of PDFs; books from the Joseph Henry Press imprint; and in cases where contractually prohibited, such as reference books in the Nutrient Requirements of Domestic Animals series.

The mission of the National Academies Press—publisher for the National Academy of Sciences, National Academy of Engineering, Institute of Medicine, and National Research Council—is to disseminate the institutions' content as widely as possible while maintaining financial sustainability. To that end, NAP began offering free content online in 1994. Before todayís announcement, all PDFs were free to download in developing countries, and 65 percent of them were available for free to any user.

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Engage and Educate by Embracing Your Surroundings

Schoolyard Science: 101 Easy and Inexpensive Activities
Science teachers will appreciate these practical and inexpensive activities intended to help students develop their observation and inquiry skills, as well as an appreciation for the natural environment. The wide-ranging activities, adaptable to any grade level, cover chapter topics such as lower and complex plants, gardens, insects and other invertebrates, vertebrates, energy, how animals work, and Earth science. The activities have been tested successfully in K–12 classrooms, youth camp programs, and science education classes in teacher preparation programs.

For each activity, the authors note any non-schoolyard materials that are needed as well as relevant Standards covered, making this book a handy starting point for teachers who want to inspire students to appreciate learning in their own schoolyard. Download a free chapter today!

Members: $22.36 | Nonmembers: $27.95

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Earn an MS in Science Online

You can earn your Master of Science degree via distance learning through the Teachers in Geosciences program from Mississippi State University. All of the core Earth science courses are taught online, and the curriculum is designed around the Earth science content that is most relevant to K–12 educators. The program concludes with an 8- to 10-day capstone field course that is taught during the summer at a variety of locations including Yellowstone/Grand Tetons, Western Washington State, the Sierra, Central Arizona, Upstate NY, Lake Superior, the Bahamas, and the Great Plains Storm Chase.

This 12-course, 36-credit-hour graduate program is designed to take as little as two years to complete and includes courses in meteorology, geology, planetary science, oceanography, hydrology, and environmental geoscience. The program has alumni in all 50 states, and all students qualify for in-state tuition rates.

Please visit the website at www.distance.msstate.edu/geosciences/TIG/index.html or contact Joy Bailey, jbailey@aoce.msstate.edu, for additional information.

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