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Week of May 28, 2012

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NSTA Career Center

Time Running Out to Comment on Next Generation Science Standards First Public Draft

The science education community has until this Friday, June 1, to submit feedback on the first draft of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) released to the public on May 11. Don’t miss your chance to comment on this important draft and help shape the future of science education. Go to the www.nextgenscience.org to view the standards online. After reviewing the document, select “provide comments on the standards” to submit feedback.

NSTA has a host of resources to help you better understand and read the draft, including background information and supporting documents. Want to share your thoughts with other teachers and ask questions? Go to the NGSS Discussion Forums in the NSTA learning Center.

NSTA is also interested in your thoughts and comments on the draft. Share with us at ngss@nsta.org.

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NSTA Legislative Update: ED Announces RTTT Competiton for Districts 

Last week Governor Mitt Romney unveiled his education platform and announced his key education advisors, and Education Secretary Arne Duncan announced that individual school districts can now compete for Race to the Top grants. Read more in this issue of the NSTA Legislative Update.

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Student Idea for Detecting Pancreatic Cancer Takes Top Prize at Intel International Science and Engineering Fair

Congratulations to Jack Andraka, a 15-year-old from Crownsville, Maryland, who was awarded the top prize in the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair for a new method he created to detect pancreatic cancer. Other top-winning entries include research on "microsearching" small amounts of content (such as tweets and Facebook status updates) and investigations in the science of quantum teleportation.

Read more about this year’s winners of the world’s largest high school science research competition.

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Online Short Courses Build Teacher Competency in Physical Science and/or Earth/Space Science

Take time this summer to improve your subject content knowledge and see your students’ performance improve as a result. Take a look at the schedule below and register today. See more details for each class by clicking on the course title. Earn graduate credit at an additional cost; $250.00 a credit hour for a total of $500.00 for two graduate credits per course plus a $40 registration fee.

The Solar SystemScheduled for Monday and Wednesday nights from 8:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. ET, beginning June 11, 2012. Live meeting dates for this course are: 6/11, 6/13, 6/18, 6/20 and 6/25. Member price: $304.59 | Nonmember price: $344.11. Register by June 4.

Energy—Covers energy basics and concepts related to simple machines, temperature, heat transfer, and electricity generation. Scheduled for Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. ET, starting June 26, 2012. Live meeting dates for this course are: 6/26, 6/28, 7/3, 7/5, 7/12. Member price: $325.76 | Nonmember price: $370.75. Register by June 19.

Force and Motion—Designed for educators of grades 3–9, this course is offered on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 9:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. ET, beginning July 17, 2012. Live meeting dates are: 7/17, 7/19, 7/24, 7/26, and 7/31. Member price: $325.76 | Nonmember price: $370.75. Register by July 9.

Light—To be held Monday and Wednesday nights from 8:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. ET, beginning July 16, 2012. Live meeting dates for this course are: 7/16, 7/18, 7/23, 7/25, and 7/30. Member price: $328.55 | Nonmember price: $373.25. Register by July 9.

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The STEM Classroom

STEM Classroom Web PageHave you seen NSTA’s new e-newsletter on STEM? This month’s issue focuses on generating electricity from water. It includes lessons you can use in your classroom tomorrow, suggestions for interdisciplinary activities, web resources, links to articles, and more. Every month we’ll update you on calendar events/happenings in the STEM field and suggest ways you can network with your peers. May’s issue provides a link to highlights from our recent STEM Forum & Expo in Atlantic City, New Jersey. If you’re curious what all the buzz is about, click here to view recent issues and sign up to get your own copy of the newsletter!

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Summer Leadership Institute: K–12 Framework and Draft NGSS Immersion

For teachers and administrators who want and need to understand the NGSS draft, this immersive institute will provide a foundation.

The National Science Education Leadership Association (NSELA) and NSTA invite you to Austin, Texas, to experience a focused and comprehensive look at the draft Next Generation Science Standards, June 24–28. Together individual science educators, teams (leaders and teachers), and administrators  will explore the K–12 Framework and draft Next Generation Science Standards, determine key features of each, noting comparisons, contrasts and shifts in focus. Participants will identify the “next steps,” develop a deep understanding of supporting research for reform, engage in the use of models and vignettes to demonstrate the practice of science, and apply new knowledge to their own unique professional environment.

Featured speakers include Lance Rougeux, Discovery Education; Stephen Pruitt, Achieve Inc.; Martin Storksdieck, National Research Council; Harold Pratt, Learning Research and Development Center at the University of Pittsburgh; and Dana Center program director Sam Zigrossi. The many differentiated breakout sessions will provide smaller groups the ability to challenge the status quo and build a personal or team plan of action for implementation into their classrooms, schools, and districts.

Visit the Summer Leadership Institute web page for more details and to register.

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Yearlong Professional Development for New Science Teachers

Administrators who want to retain and nurture new teachers should learn more about NSTA’s exemplary program, the New Science Teacher Academy. Special experiences and support for second- and third-year secondary science teachers are available and virtually cost-free.

Hundreds of teachers will be chosen to participate in the 2012–2013 Academy to take advantage of consistent online professional development activities, mentoring, and face-to-face educational experiences. Candidates should apply for one of hundreds of scholarships by completing an application.

The Academy provides each teacher with

  • A yearlong, discipline-specific mentor
  • Web-based content development courses and other pertinent resources
  • Membership with full benefits in NSTA
  • 2013 National Conference on Science Education attendance including air travel, lodging, meals, and registration fees

A recent Academy Fellow said, “The New Science Teacher Academy has made a huge impact on my teaching and my ability to cope with the stresses of teaching. I believe my third year is going much smoother and easier because of my participation in the Academy. It’s been awesome!”

To find out more about the Academy and how to apply for a scholarship, visit www.nsta.org/academy or contact the project director, Damaries Blondonville, at dblondonville@nsta.org.

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Combine Science Teaching and Reading Instruction with New “Trade Books” Release

In the new NSTA Press® book Teaching Science Through Trade Books (K–6), 50 lessons featured in Science and Children are updated and include student activity pages to make it easier than ever to teach fundamental science concepts through high-quality fiction and nonfiction children's books. Each lesson highlights two trade books and offers two targeted activities, one for K–3 and one for grades 4–6. Download the free chapter "Cloud Watchers" for a lively K–3 lesson about the different cloud types and a 4–6 lesson about Luke Howard, the man responsible for naming clouds. Member Price: $26.36 | Nonmember price: $32.95

What are science teachers reading this month?

From Everyday Engineering to Teaching Science Through Trade Books and “Folding Inquiry Into Cookbook Lab Activities,” see May’s most-read science teaching resources in the NSTA Science Store.

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