1999 Toshiba/NSTA
Laptop Learning Challenge

The Toshiba/NSTA Laptop Learning Challenge rewarded K–12 educators for their innovative uses of laptop computers. The 20 selected lessons have science, mathematics, and technology components and take place in the classroom, in the field, or in informal science institutions. There are five lessons in each of four categories: Elementary Level, Middle Level, High School Level, and Informal Science (grades K–12). The lesson plans demonstrate how laptop computers can be used to engage students in hands-on learning of science and mathematics. The lessons are useful for teachers planning a science or math activity, for pre-service preparation, and for in-service professional development.

1999 Laptop Learning Challenge Awardees
Rhonda C. Bajalia
Anthony A. Dalasio
  and Debbie Curmaci
Jennifer Duberstein
William Gidzak
Kenneth E. Guthrie
Aida Fraser-Hammer
Joseph L. Hoffman
Mary Ellen Krisko
Mary Lightbody

Frederick E. Maier
   Stephen Nicoletti
Elizabeth F. O'Keefe

Jill S. Paraska

Virginia Poole
Kathy S. Price
Jewel J. Reuter
Mary E. Slack
Shawna R. Smith
Kay I. Wallace
   and Cynthia Roepcke
Jerel L. Welker
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