Lesson Plans

The Big Hand Challenge
Aida Fraser-Hammer
Mesa Math Clubs
Spokane, Washington

In this activity, students are challenged to determine how much larger the principalís hand is compared to the hand size of the average kindergartner. Students guess or formulate a hypothesis, and then collect data to support their hypothesis. The Big Hand Challenge provides an excellent opportunity for student interaction with younger kids and with the principal. Data collection is easy since the flat, adjustable computer screen allows students to use the spreadsheet as a measurement tool. Students learn to appreciate the computer as a tool in math and science, but realize that they themselves are the problem solvers.

Download The Big Hand Challenge: bighand.pdf

Elementary Level

Seaside Science
Rhonda C. Bajalia

The Big Hand Challenge
Aida Fraser-Hammer

Habitat Dynamics
Virginia Poole

Math Hunt
Kathy S. Price

Formula for Fitness
Shawna R. Smith

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