Teaching with Laptops
Things to Remember

As you consider laptop possibilities and the exemplary lessons, there are several caveats to keep in mind.

  • When used appropriately, technology is invisible. Students should be engaged in the thinking processes, tasks, and problem-solving central to the lesson, rather than distracted by the equipment or software. The exemplary lessons mostly assume that students are familiar with the equipment, software, and data analysis. If the equipment or computer programs that you intend to use are new to students, plan orientation time prior to the activity.

  • Technology such as the laptop computer can play multiple roles and lead to innovative uses. The Laptop Learning Challenge exemplary lessons are just a beginning; these lessons can be adapted, changed, or used as starting points for your own creative lessons.

  • The exemplary lessons suggest a time frame for each activity. These times are approximate, and will vary for different grades, and even between students.

  • Each exemplary lesson includes references, many to resources on the Internet. Due to the dynamic nature of the Internet, some of these Web site addresses may change. In case of a non-functional link, use an Internet search engine with the name of the site or keywords to find the new address. These lists of references are not exhaustive and should be a jumping-off place for your own Internet search.

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