Here is the Wetland
by Madeleine Dunphy

Price at time of review: $16.95
32 pp.
Web of Life Children's Books
Berkeley, CA
ISBN: 9780977379590

Grade Level: K-4

Reviewed by Jacqueline Pfeiffer
3rd Grade Teacher

Looking for a great book to introduce young children to the "Web of Life" and how all living creatures are interconnected? Told as a lyrical, cumulative tale with simple text, Here is the Wetland starts and ends with the water while highlighting many animals that can survive and flourish atop the wetlands’ surface as well as in its shadowy depths. Wetlands are critically important to humans because they absorb and filter pollutants. Wetlands are found on every continent except Antarctica.

An introductory picture is painted of this ecological community. All of the illustrations are done as watercolors, which adds a softness to the paintings. A rich golden border is also around each page. As each species is highlighted, it is added to the lyrical text. The illustrations show the added animal and include others that may have been talked about earlier in the book. Included at the end are two pages of more detailed background for readers. This adds depth of understanding and extra facts for advanced readers.

This book is great to read aloud, and children will probably memorize the text because it is so rhythmic and repetitive. Very young children will readily pick up this book and share it with others after having the book read to them. This is a great introduction to informational text for beginning readers. This cumulative tale of the wetlands is highly recommended. Children will read and reread this book and add to their understanding of the web of life. This book was selected as an NSTA/CBC Outstanding Science Trade Book in 2008.

Review posted on 9/20/2007

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