by Ron Miller

Price at time of review: $31.93
112 pp.
Lerner Publications Co.
Minneapolis, MN
ISBN: 9780822571537

Grade Level: 6-8

Reviewed by Donald Logsdon Jr.
Online Instructor

The Space Innovations series explains both the science and engineering necessary for the progress humans have made in the field and thus far and where we hope to explore in the future. The book's object is to tell “the story of rockets, from their humble beginning as toys one thousand years ago to their initiation as fearsome weapons of war.” The book includes seven chapters, a useful glossary, sources of additional information about rockets, and an index. The chapters are crowded with photographs and illustrations of rockets and those who made them. The text is clear and understandable.

A section in one chapter presents simple experiments that young readers can try that illustrate some basic rocket principles. The chapters have numerous sidebars that add useful information. For example, one sidebar discusses how the multistage rocket functions, complete with excellent illustrations.

This is an attractive book, with a striking cover of a rocket preparing for a night launch. It would be a good supplement for middle school science lessons. It might even spark an interest in a budding space scientist.
  This book
was selected as an NSTA/CBC Outstanding Science Trade Book for 2008.

Review posted on 11/8/2007

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