Gut-Eating Bugs
by Danielle Denega

Price at time of review: $19.76
64 pp.
Scholastic Inc.
New York, NY
ISBN: 9780531118245

Grade Level: 6-12

Reviewed by Juliana Texley
NSTA Web Field Editor

Can bugs tell the time of death? Science says yes, and forensics investigators use insects to solve many crimes. Students who are fascinated with the CSI approach will be lured by the mysteries and continue with the solid science.

This book has three case studies that explore how the life cycles of insects found on dead bodies helped scientists solve the crime and tell the time of death. This very energetic NSTA/CBC Outstanding Science Trade Book has lots of great illustrations and content connections. It could provide an authentic extension to a middle or secondary lesson on life cycles or decomposers or extend a unit on insects. The book might also provide a path to more independent research following forensics classroom activities. Due to subject matter, it is probably most appropriate for older students.

Review posted on 3/6/2008

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