The Ultimate Weapon
by Edward T. Sullivan

Price at time of review: $24.95
208 pp.
Holiday House, Inc.
New York, NY
ISBN: 9780823418558

Grade Level: 5-8

Reviewed by CBC Reviewer

History and science are interwoven in this gripping story of the development of the atomic bomb, from its theoretical inception in the minds of scientists to the dropping of “Little Man” and “Fat Boy” in Japan. Supported by many photographs, the text highlights the political, scientific, and cultural aspects of the development of the ultimate weapon. Even history experts will find many new details in the rich context provided by this book. The project changed communities from Tennessee to Washington, as massive development efforts were deployed. The horrific results of the bombing are also shown, including burn victims. Editorial cartoons describing the potential impact of the nuclear age on civilization offer food for thought. This NSTA/CBC Outstanding Science Trade Book is clearly for mature readers. It offers an opportunity to integrate history and science. It might challenge a seminar group or writing class to apply the lessons of the Manhattan Project to the current age.

Review posted on 3/5/2008

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