by Beverly McMillan; John A. Musick

Price at time of review: $16.99
64 pp.
Simon And Schuster
New York, NY
ISBN: 1416938672

Grade Level: 1-6

Reviewed by CBC Reviewer

The three-dimensional imprint of a shark's gaping jaws will lure readers in, and the information will keep them in this NSTA/CBC Outstanding Science Trade Book for 2009. Double pages with large and small illustrations describe biological themes, including anatomy, classification, range, and adaptations.

There is a short segment of general information on each theme and many detailed captions for the illustrations. Diagrams (such as a scaling scheme that compares the length of each shark to a 10 year old boy, or a graph of relative risks from sharks, deer, and lightning) make the content clear and understandable. The busy graphical format is ideal for today's "surfing" readers, who will return again and again to learn more. A diagram of the classification ("Shark Family Tree"), a glossary, and an index complete the book.

This exciting and attractive book will serve readers from elementary through adult at different levels. Whether one begins with the drawings and gets hooked to the text, or vice-versa, it's certain that readers will be bitten with an enthusiasm for cartilage fishes.

Review posted on 1/28/2009

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