Champions of Wild Animals
by Carol L. and Bruce Malnor

Price at time of review: $11.95
144 pp.
Dawn Publications
Nevada City, CA
ISBN: 9781584691235

Grade Level: 5-9

Reviewed by Donald Logsdon Jr.
Online Instructor

If we want to preserve and protect the wilderness environment and the plants and animals that live there, we need to excite the interest of young students and let them know they can play an important role and become an "Earth hero." This book belongs to a series of biographies of individuals who have championed wild animals, and it shows how students can play such roles.

The authors remind readers: “Bison and birds, chimps and seals, wolves and elephants all owe their lives to the individuals described in these pages. And the personal life of each hero is as unique as the animals they’re protecting.” The book includes eight biographies, each with pictures or drawings of the individual as a child, and describes the events that shaped their careers. Each biography ends with a list of personal facts and their "ripple of influence," plus a timeline relating events in their life and historical events. The book has a good introduction, conclusion, list of sources, and index. There is also a website listed for possible lesson plans based on the book for teacher use.

We need to inspire students to make a difference, and these biographies can help. As the authors point out, "How fortunate we are to have so many heroes working to save the wilderness, oceans, and animals.” It's easy to talk about doing something to save the environment but we really need men and women willing to stand up and become Earth Heroes.

Review posted on 9/29/2010

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