The Voyage of Turtle Rex
by Kurt Cyrus

Price at time of review: $16.99
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Boston, MA
ISBN: 9780547429243

Grade Level: K-2

Reviewed by CBC Reviewer

This big book with double–page illustrations and poetry introduces children to the life cycle of a sea turtle. The main character is not one of the familiar seven species students may have seen in news articles today, but rather the 15–foot Archelon, the giant turtle that lived during the age of the dinosaurs.

The creative value of this NSTA/CBC Outstanding Trade book comes not only from its design and lyric text, but from the fact that the same characteristics that made Archelon successful 200 million years ago characterize sea turtles today. It invites many extension activities; groups might investigate the life cycles of Hawksbills, Ridleys, Loggerhoods, Leatherbacks, and Greens today and compare them to the story in the book.

This book leaves the reader hungry for more detail about sea turtles through the ages. It's unfortunate that links and books for further reading aren't included, but many are available on the web.

Review posted on 1/10/2012

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