Baby Mammoth Mummy Frozen in Time
by Christopher Sloan

Price at time of review: $17.95
48 pp.
National Geographic Society
Washington, DC
ISBN: 9781426308659

Grade Level: 6-8

Reviewed by CBC Reviewer

This story of discovery is interwoven with facts about the biology a perfectly–preserved baby mammoth in Siberia. The fossil was discovered by a native Nenet and information about these reindeer herders enriches this NSTA/CBC Outstanding Science Trade Book. It not only has the capacity to fascinate readers but provides bridges to interdisciplinary links and a deeper understanding of the practices of science.

Large, detailed photographs in this high–content book help readers make the transition from middle level books on prehistory to secondary chapter books. Graphics and diagrams add to understanding. Interviews with scientists raise the level of content. The text goes beyond most books on prehistoric species because of its inclusion of scientific practice and authentic multicultural contributions. There are unusually detailed descriptions of techniques, including molecular biology, that are used to discover more details about the mammoth. Finally, a strong glossary and index also support the reader. This book is ideal for independent reading or research, class reference, or to enrich a teacher's own background in this area.

Review posted on 2/3/2012

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