All About Chemical Bonding Series
by VEA

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Grade Level: 10-College

Reviewed by Rita Hoots

Those minuscule, invisible, whirling electrons possess amazing powers that enable them to bind elements together, however, their abstract imperceptibility sometimes makes their functions difficult for students to comprehend. In this straightforward presentation on chemical bonding, the narrative and illustrations clarify and contrast the characteristics of ionic, covalent, and metallic bonding.

Using the periodic table, the elements are distinguished according to their electron patterns. Repeatedly citing Gilbert Lewis’ Octet rule from 1918, the different patterns of bonding in ionic compounds, metals, and covalent substances are explained and visually displayed. The topic of electronegativity is explored in the section of ionic bonds, delocalized valence electrons are dealt with in metallic bonding, and polarity is explained under covalent bonding. The physical characteristics of the three compound groups are adequately covered.

Graphics continue to elucidate the energy levels or electron shells along with orbitals in the fourth or extra section. This is a helpful guide for the beginning student at the secondary level or in a beginner’s chemistry class who requires reinforcement and or clarification of chemical bonding, and interpretation of the placement of elements on the periodic table. In addition, the video is packaged with program support notes for both the student and teacher.

Review posted on 1/16/2013

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