Nature's Notes
by Judy Burris and Wayne Richards

Price at time of review: $19.95
232 pp.
Willow Creek Press
Minocqua, WI
ISBN: 9781607554776

Grade Level: 1-5

Reviewed by Donald Logsdon Jr.
Online Instructor

Young children are fascinated by nature and like to get up close and personal with everything they encounter. This curiosity continues throughout childhood and many children go on to become amateur naturalists. The objective of this book is to encourage children and adults to look more closely at the natural environment around them.

As the authors note:”…we all enjoy the fun of discovering new insights to our natural world. Nature’s Notes delivers this joy using bite–sized learning text and dazzling photos to unlock scores and scores of fascinating secrets.” This book includes an introduction, six sections, a glossary, and several blank pages for the reader to add their own notes. The book is bound in loose–leaf format, to allow it to be set down open for easy referral. Every page is filled with close–up color photographs of animals and plants.

Each section includes a project that readers can follow to help them in their nature study. For example, there is a step–by–step (with photos) instruction for how to build a reflection tube to aid the photography of small insects and plants. This is a beautiful book and will reawaken the reader’s interest in the environment that is all around us, in yards and parks. It is a good book to show young children some of the things they might find in their own explorations.

Review posted on 7/31/2012

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