Everyday Physical Science Mysteries
by Richard Konicek-Moran

Price at time of review: $25.95
261 pp.
NSTA Press
Arlington, VA
ISBN: 9781936959297

Grade Level: K-8

Reviewed by Janet Acerra
5th grade teacher and College Adjunct Instructor

Seldom is a book's introduction thought of as inspiring, however, in this book, the introduction is truly a “must read,” and it sets the tone for the way every teacher will look at this resource. In addition, the subsequent chapters further enrich the use of this resource and provide excellent information for helping the teacher to make connections to literacy in science and enhance the use of inquiry in lesson plan development. In short, this book can serve as a professional development tool in addition to a formative assessment tool.

The stories included in the book will produce strong opportunities for discussion along with the means for spotting and correcting many common misconceptions students often have in the elementary grades. As a resource in the upper grades it will spark many questions for further discussions and bring life to the content as students take home the ideas they have learned and make connections to the real world. Additionally, all of the stories will inspire students to “try it” themselves, something seldom seen in most resources.

From the physics of motion in Bocce ball, to the understanding of light energy as reflected in a mirror, this book brings the science into our everyday lives. The story about the weight of a St. Bernard puppy brings a whole different approach to how weight is distributed and gravity works, something we will all consider the next time we look to adopt a new pet! Stories about ice and the drinks we sip at home will never let us forget that science is all around us! This book spans the grade levels and will be used differently in every classroom. The common denominator will be the learning…it will happen throughout all of them!

Review posted on 5/14/2013

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