Favorite Experiments for Physics and Physical Science
by John D. Mays

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269 pp.
Novare Science and Math
Austin, TX
ISBN: 9780988322806

Grade Level: 12

Reviewed by Thomas Brown
Retired Science Teacher

This is a new book that allows physics and physical science teachers to create challenging laboratories and demonstrations to use in their classrooms. The book presents a variety of experiments covering topics from dynamics to electricity to calorimetry to solubility. The author also includes a section that outlines a variety of demonstrations that could be incorporated into the classroom to supplement the experiments and improve student understanding.

One of the strengths of the book is the author’s attention to detail. Each experiment discusses the learning objectives, materials required, student instructions, and more. Numerous pictures are inserted throughout the text to help show a teacher how to set up the experiment. While these activities are challenging and may require an investment in some materials, the end result in student involvement and understanding of important science concepts would be worthwhile.

The book could be used by any teacher, experienced or novice. Each experiment is very meticulously explained. The author’s experience as a classroom teacher clearly comes through in the detail that he provides. It is clear that he has refined these experiments during his career as a science teacher. The author is very methodical and provides very detailed experiment protocols as well as alternative experimental methods. One of the strengths of the book is that the different experiments could be used together or independently.

Simply put, this book could be a superb resource for any physics or physical science teacher who wishes to develop challenging experiments for their students. The experiments that are discussed in the book will provide a solid foundation for teaching core concepts in any physics classroom. The many demonstrations provide terrific opportunities for expanding on those experiments. This carefully–written book would help physics and physical science teachers in a variety of ways. Their students would be challenged and would also end up being motivated by the different experiments that they complete.

Review posted on 6/13/2013

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