Dragonfly Curriculum Guide
by Ami Thompson

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76 pp.
ISBN: 9781484991961

Grade Level: 1-8

Reviewed by J. Carrie Launius

Dragonflies are a popular fascination for children and adults alike. But how do we get students to know about these graceful creatures beyond the fascination? The Dragonfly Curriculum Guide is more than just learning about anything you want to know about them; it gives students the opportunity to become an expert on a topic and will touch many different learning modalities along the way.

The guide gives very careful instructions on how to catch, hold, observe, and most importantly release dragonflies without injury so they can go back into the wild. After the initial observations, it allows students to investigate just about anything they have ever wondered about concerning the many dragonflies and damselflies. By the way, the guide clearly explains the difference in the two families that are both part of the Odonata order.

Keeping in tune with the NGSS and CCSS: The activities clearly follow the crosscutting concepts by asking students to examine patterns in the insects, constructing models of them, observing them closely, and looking for stability and change among populations as well as making model dragonflies and damselflies. Each of the activities are grounded with writing activities that builds on literacy skills. Furthermore, mathematics is integrated by constructing frequency charts and even calculations in using the Simpson Diversity Index.

Using the Dragonfly Curriculum Guide gives students a lot more information than just learning about these popular insects; it requires skills that could be used in many different arenas. Teaching students critical thinking skills is the cornerstone to learning in the 21 Century and the guide does just that.

Review posted on 3/26/2014

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