OnScreen DNA Model
by OnScreen Science, Inc.

Price at time of review: $3.99
OnScreen Science, Inc.
Somerville, MA

Grade Level: 6-College

Reviewed by Thomas Brown
Retired Science Teacher

The OnScreen DNA Model app is a graphic tool that biology teachers can use to help their students better understand the structure of DNA and deepen their understanding of the chemistry behind this most important biological molecule. The program focuses on allowing the user to manipulate a simplified model of DNA. Students can examine DNA and observe the molecule from a variety of perspectives.

The app comes with a selection of information organized into a table of contents that allows the user to choose different topics related to the DNA molecule. The information includes an overview of the double helix structure and geometry, the significance of the nucleotides, and other basic information. Other information about DNA explores the chemistry of the molecule with information about the different chemical bonds found within DNA, the importance of polarity, and more to help the user understand how the DNA structure is able to function so beautifully in every living cell.

OnScreen DNA Model is an interactive app and provides opportunities for teachers and students to better their understanding of DNA. The app could be used as a classroom tool for the teacher to show the structure of DNA from a variety of views. They can also manipulate the molecule to show students how the molecule’s structure is so significant. Teachers could attach their iPads to a projector to accomplish this. Students could also download the app to their smartphones in order to work independently with it at their own pace.

Biology teachers who are looking for an inexpensive resource to enhance their students’ ability to comprehend the chemistry of the DNA molecule will find this tool to be a worthwhile investment. The visual nature of the app will keep students' attention and can improve their ability to understand DNA structure.

Review posted on 2/21/2014

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