Bombs Over Bikini
by Donna M. Jackson

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88 pp.
Twenty-First Century Books
Frederick, MD
ISBN: 9781467716123

Grade Level: 6-12

Reviewed by Rita Hoots

Wars always produce damage and the adversaries seek the most effective killing devices to achieve victory. The atomic bomb was dropped on Japan at the end of World War II to speed the surrender of the enemy. Its damage was awesomely grotesque and after achieving peace, the military sought to explore the further potentials of this nuclear device.

For testing purposes, atolls in the Marshall Islands were selected as bomb target sites, the most famous of these islands is the tragic story of Bikini and its resident natives. Destruction of the target ships and island atolls along with the invisible toxic contamination polluted the natural life of the air, land, and sea. Not only were the natives exposed to invisibly deadly radiation, military personnel assigned to clean up the contamination immediately following the detonation were also dangerously irradiated. This account of the destruction of Bikini, the careless contamination of living organisms, and the extermination of homes, the consequences of irradiation, the shameful disregard of human values by the military testing the devastating lethality of both A–bombs and H–bombs, is a topic that should provoke thoughtful reflection for Grades 6–12 readers.

Review posted on 2/12/2014

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