At Home in Her Tomb
by Christine Liu-Perkins

Price at time of review: $19.95
80 pp.
Charlesbridge Publishing
Watertown, MA
ISBN: 9781580893701

Grade Level: 4-7

Reviewed by Deborah Stevens

Are you curious about this title? At Home in Her Tomb by Christine Liu–Perkins has something to suit young people with a wide range of interests: archeology, history, Chinese culture, or even embalming. In 1972, Lady Dai's tomb was excavated, revealing untold information regarding the early Han Dynasty.

Lady Dai’s body was so well preserved that scientists performed an autopsy, complete with photos of her intestines, which contained undigested food from the time of her death. At Home in Her Tomb is a mystery. How did the tomb safe–guard its contents for 2000 years? What do the tomb’s contents reveal about the times? This book is exceptionally well researched and organized.

Ms. Liu–Perkins inserts a story about Lady Dai within the pages about the excavation, its location, and information about the Han dynasty. The illustrations and photos are clear and annotated. There is a timeline, bibliography, and glossary in the appendix. The book will appeal to young people in upper elementary grades. Ms.Liu–Perkins has channeled her passion for Lady Dai into a captivating book. My copy is a surprise for the Chinese language teacher at my school.

Review posted on 4/25/2014

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