Readorium Adaptive Software System

Price at time of review: subscription rate $22-$34 per student
Mtelegence Corporation

Grade Level: 6-8

Reviewed by Brandy Whitney

The Online Learning Application, Readorium Scholar, would be best used for reluctant readers, English as a Second Language and special education students in grades 6–8 to have them review supplemental science standard based books to develop and enrich reading comprehension. However, it would still also be appealing to all learners.

It features various online books, magazines and videos with virtual teachers guiding and instructing readers. The virtual teachers in the program are diverse in not only gender but in race. This is a rare thing to find in software. The content also has a strong emphasis on inspiring and encouraging women in science. Especially of note is the self–leveling feature of the program that not only adjusts to each reader but also prevents them from simply clicking through a book. In order to progress students must answer reading comprehension questions. In return, students receive virtual money to use at an in–game arcade. The arcade feature is time limited and serves as a great reward without becoming a distraction. Other great features include a page detailing how each article aligned to national standards and a teacher grade book that records student progress. Also of note is the program’s Magazine Rack option which enables readers to choose topics of interest that relate to key science concepts but in a less formal educational setting. The price of this application is similar to other educational applications and printed boxed leveled reader sets, but may be more appealing for children who relate better to digital interfaces or respond to the motivation of gaining more arcade time within the game.

Review posted on 6/28/2016

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