by Chris Barton

Price at time of review: $16.95
32 pp.
Charlesbridge Publishing
Watertown, MA
ISBN: 9781580892971

Grade Level: 2-5

Reviewed by Diana Wiig
Professor of Science/Mathematics Methods

I loved this book, it has all the components of STEM combined with a contemporary story; young boy who persists in inventing, even when the odds seem against him. His parents are supportive (what saints they must have been!). His list of accomplishments is impressive—from designing and creating rockets from scrap material, to working with NASA on the Galileo orbiter and probe that studied Jupiter. Ironically, he seems to be better know for his "mistake". While trying to develop a new cooling system that didn't use a toxic chemical, he accidentally invented the Super Soaker.The story focuses on an unlikely character who is not privileged, but has a persistence and patience that will act as a role model for all young inventors. A great depiction of an inventor with the "right stuff"! Highly recommended for all ages!

Review posted on 3/17/2016

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