Human Migration
by Judy Dodge Cummings

Price at time of review: $17.95
120 pp.
Nomad Press
White River Junction, VT
ISBN: 9781619303751

Grade Level: 7-10

Reviewed by Lori Cirucci
Science Teacher

Human Migration: Investigate the Global Journey of Humankind by Judy Dodge Cummings is a fascinating book to read for the reader of any age! Geared towards readers of ages 12–15, the book retraces the steps taken by our ancient ancestors starting in Africa.

The book starts with a timeline progressing from 200,000 BCE to the year 2015. Did you know that the year 200,000 BCE is when Homo sapiens first emerged in Africa as a distinct species? In 28,000 BCE, did you know that Homo Sapiens is the only surviving human species? The Table of Contents includes: what is Human Migration, Stones, Bones, and DNA, Out of Africa, Asia to Australia, Out of the Old World and into the New, Expansion and Colonization, Oppression and Freedom, and the future of Human Migration. Each chapter not only has the main text, but it also highlights additional facts on the sides of the pages, and includes a “travel tips”.

The first travel tip in chapter 1 says, “It used to be said, “The sun never sets on the British Empire.” England had colonies on so many continents, including Africa, Asia, and North America, that it was always daylight in at least one of them.” At the end of each chapter are key questions, and some type of word factoid for the student. Links are also provided for online digital sources in the form of a QR Code throughout the book. In addition, there is always an “inquire and investigate” page, which helps the students engage in the learning. Included in this investigation section is a vocab lab that lists the important vocabulary in the chapter. A glossary, additional resources and an index are located at the end of the book.

I highly recommend this well–written book. It covers topics in all of the sciences, from anthropology, to environmental science to biology as well as history and geography. This would be an excellent resource book for the middle school teacher.

Review posted on 9/12/2016

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