Astronomy Lab for Kids
by Michelle Nichols

Price at time of review: $24.99
144 pp.
Quarto Publishing Group
Minneapolis, MN
ISBN: 9781631591341

Grade Level: 1-8

Reviewed by Ralph Peterson

What a delightful book to read. Astronomy Lab for Kids is a well written book of 52 activities that will help younger children better understand the science behind astronomy. The science is solid and presented in a fun way. Each activity has information about the amount of time it might take to do the activity plus a list of materials needed, safety tips, and setup hints. The instructions are straight forward and easy to understand. The materials needed will most likely be found around the house or are otherwise easily attainable. There are also pictures to help with the activities.

This would be a great reference book to have for a family science day once a week. The book is designed to increase children’s interest in science in a fun, interactive way. As I read the book, I also thought of how the activities could be modified for older children, or those struggling with various science concepts. I think this is a great book that will be a joy to all who use it.

Review posted on 10/21/2016

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