Crooked Critters
by Jenn Dlugos and Charlie Hatton

Price at time of review: $7.95
112 pp.
Prufrock Press
Austin, TX
ISBN: 9781618216090

Grade Level: 4-7

Reviewed by Lisa Pike
Associate Professor, Biology

I reviewed a series of 4 books, the Things That Make You Go Yuck series, by Jean Dlugos and Charlie Hatton. First of all, the title is certainly an eye catcher for any elementary or middle schooler. Secondly, the pictures were great, the information accurate, and the examples decidedly odd and appealing! The books in the series each focused on a particular group (odd couples discussed mutualisms and mating, mystifying mutants looked at chimeras, and cyclops sharks, and so forth). Some of the examples were pretty commonly found in biology textbooks, but many were new to me, thus, I really enjoyed reading the books.

I learned a lot, with about 40 examples (divided into 5–6 chapters like "Deadly Duos") per book. In addition to logical groupings of organisms, a mix of plant and animal examples, and fantastic images, there were trivia questions and thought–bubble boxes scattered throughout to break things up a bit. A fun read, each 2 page description of a "yucky" organism felt like it would make a great 2 minute mini–commercial on a kids science TV show. I'd recommend for any organismal science class.

Review posted on 11/29/2016

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