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Loud and Clear Project: An Introduction to Geospatial Tools for Project-Based Learning

Science Scope—July/August 2024 (Volume 47, Issue 4)

By Kurtz Miller

Project-based and student-driven learning continue to be at the forefront of school reform efforts. Technology is a significant bridge and tool used empower and leverage student projects. Geospatial technologies continue to be underutilised in the middle grades. There are many cutting edge, free geospatial tools available through the ESRI School Bundle. This article is aimed at bridging the gap in the practitioner literature about how free geospatial technologies can be used in the project-based, science classroom. Numerous example products and recommendations are made to encourage teachers to consider these technologies. This manuscript also explains one example of a geospatial project educators could recreate in a science classroom.

Instructional Materials STEM Technology Middle School

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