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Journal Article

A Human-Centered Design Tool Kit for STEM-Based Capstone Courses

In fall 2019, a food science instructor partnered with the design center at a large Midwestern university to create a student activity tool kit for in...

By Lucas O’Bryan, Dawn Bohn, and Saadeddine Shehab

College Biology Chemistry Curriculum STEM Teaching Strategies

Journal Article

Science, Society, and Self

A formal pedagogical push emerged and later blossomed in designing integrated curriculum between STEM and non-STEM areas in secondary and higher educa...

By Marcus Aldredge, Sunghee Lee, and Josh Klein

Postsecondary Curriculum Inclusion STEM

Journal Article

Growing Understanding From a SPARK

By Deborah Hanuscin, Abby Whatley, Bridget Dahlman-Oeth, Paola Sanchez, Benjamin Dixon, and Daniel Savage

Elementary Informal Education Pre-service Teachers Curriculum NGSS Physical Science Science and Engineering Practices

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