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Advertising in NSTA's Electronic Publications

Digital Advertising

Online Banner Ads

Reach NSTA's audience of science educators in the United States and abroad digitally by advertising on the NSTA website. With more than 1,000,000 pageviews every month,'s online advertising program is the perfect way to integrate your marketing objectives.

  • Online Banner Advertising: 2022

Retargeted Programmatic Web Advertising Program

By identifying science teachers that are visiting the NSTA site your ad will be able to then retarget – or “follow” them with banner advertisements for your products or services throughout the internet, which would appear on websites visited after visiting NSTA’s website. Retargeting industry professionals after they’ve clicked away from the NSTA website keeps your brand top-of-mind and ensures that you’ll consistently connect with them across their buying journey.

Year-long, paced campaign, delivers 120,000 guaranteed impressions, stretching your marketing investment throughout the year.

  • Retargeted Programmatic Web Advertising: 2022

E-newsletter Sponsorships

Reach over 1 million readers monthly via NSTA's targeted E-Newsletter products. Delivered directly to educators' mailboxes, NSTA E-Newsletters offer a wealth of resources and information to support teachers and administrators in their profession. Our content-driven copy combined with vetted web content enables our readers to easily find the resources they need. Limited space is available for each issue. Contact us now for more information and view sample issues here.

NSTA Reports

NSTA Reports is a weekly e-mail newsletter that delivers the latest news and information about science teaching and learning, including professional development opportunities, legislative updates, member news, resources, and much more. The new NSTA Reports uses artificial intelligence to personalize and customize a newsletter that will curate articles and resources most relevant to the reader.

Circulation: Total circulation of 250,000. Readership consists primarily of science educators in the United States and Canada. Select administrators, principals, and supervisors/coordinators also receive this e-publication.

NSTA Reports Insertion Order: 2022 Insertion Order

Sponsored Social Media

Post your custom message and image on NSTA’s robust Facebook and Twitter Social Media channels. Reach nearly 200,000 members of the science education community in a casual environment. Currently, NSTA’s Facebook page has 136,000 likes and our Twitter feed has 66,000 followers. Sponsored Posts include 1 Facebook post + 1 Twitter post package (max 2 sponsored packages per week).

  • Social Media Sponsored Posts: 2022

NSTA Science Supply Guide

Create a robust listing in the NSTA Science Supply Guide to make it easy for science educators to find your products and services when they are looking to buy. Visit for complete information on adding your organization’s information as well as a comprehensive roster of highly-visible advertising opportunities.

NSTA Career Center

Do you have a job opportunity that you would like to promote? Or would like to find a quality job? The NSTA Career Center can help you find top companies hiring in the industry. Visit our Career Center page to learn more.

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