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Postsecondary education includes university or college education, as well as education at community colleges and trade schools.

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NSTA Legislative Update: House Leaders Introduce The College Affordability Act

Democrats Introduce Bill to Reauthorize Higher Education Act House Democrats introduced a long-awaited bill earlier this week that would update the...

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Polymers Course for Small Colleges and Universities

This article describes the course design and teaching methodology for a polymer chemistry and applications lecture class specifically aimed at small c...

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Inquiring Astronomy: Incorporating Student-Centered Pedagogical Techniques in an Introductory College Science Course

Increases in student-centered pedagogy have been more prevalent in K–12 education than in collegiate undergraduate science education. The purpose of...

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Incorporating Cultural Diversity Into College Science

Due to the globalization of world economics, advances in information technologies, and the complex interconnections of global environmental issues, po...

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Web Seminar: Teacher Tip Tuesday: Distance-Learning Strategies, August 25, 2020

How can we create quality experiences for students in distance-learning situations? Join us as we discuss strategies and apps that leverage critical t...


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Peer-Designed Active Learning Modules as a Strategy to Improve Confidence and Comprehension Within Introductory Computer Science

While research has demonstrated the links between active learning and student success, lecture remains a dominant instructional method within introd...


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K–12 DREAMS to Teach Program at Morehouse College

This study explores the pathways to K–12 Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics instruction among Black/African American males in the Di...


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Teaching K–8 Teachers About Integrating Science and Engineering

We examined the use of an engineering learning cycle (ELC) model and in a course for K–8 inservice teachers for two purposes. First, we were inter...


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Geoscience Education and Motivated Reasoning

Individuals use information selectively, in ways that support group beliefs or one’s psychological needs—this is motivated reasoning. Motiv...


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Designing Environmental Science Curriculum With PhotoVoice to Engage Nonscience Majors

Journal Article

A Framework for Effective Dissemination of Innovative STEM Curricula

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Community College Students Rise to the Challenge

High-structure course designs have reduced achievement gaps for low-income and underrepresented minority students at research universities. But do c...


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Online Digital Science Resources

Rapidly transition your in-person course to a remote format using these practical resources. ...


Web Seminar

Archive: Science Update: COVID-19: What We Know, Where We Are Going: A Look at What the Current Research Tells Us About the Pandemic, June 10, 2020

As new information comes out from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and researchers, educators, and parents are left with questions about the progr...



Journal of College Science Teaching—May/June 2020

Volume 49, No. 5 ...


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Features of an Effective Future-Faculty Teaching-Development Program

Many institutions are preparing graduate students and postdoctorals (future faculty) for effective teaching in undergraduate science, technology, en...

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