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Postsecondary education includes university or college education, as well as education at community colleges and trade schools.

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House Leaders Introduce The College Affordability Act

Democrats Introduce Bill to Reauthorize Higher Education Act House Democrats introduced a long-awaited bill earlier this week that would update the...

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Polymers Course for Small Colleges and Universities

This article describes the course design and teaching methodology for a polymer chemistry and applications lecture class specifically aimed at small c...

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Inquiring Astronomy: Incorporating Student-Centered Pedagogical Techniques in an Introductory College Science Course

Increases in student-centered pedagogy have been more prevalent in K–12 education than in collegiate undergraduate science education. The purpose of...

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Incorporating Cultural Diversity Into College Science

Due to the globalization of world economics, advances in information technologies, and the complex interconnections of global environmental issues, po...

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Freebies and Opportunities for Science and STEM Teachers, June 6, 2023

Web Seminar

Science Update: The Science of Oil Spill Response and Cleanup, September 28, 2023

Join us on Thursday, September 28, 2023, from 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM ET, for an edition of NSTA’s Science Update. Major oil spills are rare, but...


Reports Article

Freebies and Opportunities for Science and STEM Teachers, May 30, 2023

Reports Article

Freebies and Opportunities for Science and STEM Teachers, May 23, 2023

Web Seminar

Science Update: Do NASA Science LIVE! July 20, 2023

Join us on Thursday, July 20, 2023, from 7:00 – 8:00 PM ET, to celebrate the 54th anniversary of the first landing on the Moon....


Reports Article

Freebies and Opportunities for Science and STEM Teachers, May 9, 2023

Journal Article

Initial Development and Validation of the Biology Teaching Assistant Role Identity Questionnaire (BTARIQ)

Graduate teaching assistants (TAs) may identify with multiple roles during their introductory biology teaching experiences. This study developed an in...


Journal Article

A Hands-on Activity to Understand the Nature of Science and Authentic Scientific Inquiry in Large Laboratory Courses

Integrating authentic research practices into introductory laboratory courses to prepare tomorrow’s scientists has become increasingly prevalent ove...


Journal Article

Using Growth Rings on Wooden Blocks and Plywood to Enhance Students’ Spatial Reasoning Skills

Spatial reasoning is one of the most challenging skills to master in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields. This article...


Journal Article

Using Popular Fiction to Inspire Scientific Inquiry

Many teacher educator preparation programs do not provide opportunities for preservice teachers (PSTs) to experience and examine the use of popular fi...


Journal Article

Maximizing Learning Objectives in Undergraduate Research Journals

Undergraduate research journals (URJs) introduce students to the peer review and publication processes, teaching them to write manuscripts that will b...



Journal of College Science Teaching—May/June 2023

Volume 52, Number 5 May/June 2023 ...

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