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Grades 6-8, is a time of tremendous physical, emotional, and cognitive changes for students. It is also a pivotal time for understanding and gaining enthusiasm for science.

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Freebies and Opportunities for Science and STEM Teachers, July 16, 2024


Clear Creek ISD_Making Sense of 3D Teaching and Learning

Making Sense of Three-Dimensional Teaching and Learning - Designing High-Quality Instructional Materials. Workshop for Clear Creak ISD - 7.11.24...


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Capturing Photons

Smart Telescope technology and its suggested use for the Science classroom....


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Finding Instructional Resources for Teaching about Scientific Misinformation



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Conducting authentic moth research with students to encourage scientific inquiry.

Studying moths is an excellent way to include students in science practices by introducing them to a ubiquitous but under-appreciated animal group tha...


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Explanation and Argumentation: How Middle School Students Make Sense of the Phenomenon of Niagara Falls

The Framework and NGSS emphasize using lines of evidence to construct explanations and develop arguments that demonstrate understanding about scientif...


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Loud and Clear Project: An Introduction to Geospatial Tools for Project-Based Learning

Project-based and student-driven learning continue to be at the forefront of school reform efforts. Technology is a significant bridge and tool used e...


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Sparking students’ curiosity: Embedding strategies to promote curiosity alongside teaching static electricity

In this article, we use the strategies listed above to engage students in a 5E lesson on static electricity (partially addressing MS-PS2-3). We start ...


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Summer Science with the Secchi Dip-In Project

Secchi Dip-In citizen science project for Science Scope...


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Ecology in Urban Spaces: Contributions of Urban Green Spaces to Ecological and Community Health

Our program seeks to introduce middle school students to a range of STEM topics and careers. We planned and enacted a five-lesson unit themed around t...


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Communicating With Data Around Phenomena (Data Literacy 101)

Helping our students make sense of data while they are working with phenomenon can be an excellent way for students to build critical 21st-century dat...



OpenSciEd - Tips and Tricks for MA Educators

Created by the OpenSciEd Equitable Instruction Initiative (OEI) for Massachusetts middle school educators Labels indicate OpenSciEd-designated unit...

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