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Virtual Chemistry

Using the PhET pH scale simulation and the 5E Model to enhance students’ pH understanding ...

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Emoji Chemistry

Chemistry is not my strength. Any hints or resources for teaching chemical equations at a basic level? — M., Maryland I find it useful to demyst...

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Chemistry, Toys, and Accidental Inventions

This lesson helps students distinguish between reactants and products, explain the law of conservation of matter, measure properties or reactants and ...

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Classification of Changes in Matter

The purpose of this lab is to allow students to apply their understanding of chemical and physical changes to different scenarios to determine ”Whic...

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Combustion and a Jumping Flame

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Advancing Alloys

The manufacture of metal alloys is ubiquitous, yet infrequently discussed in high school coursework as concepts related to them are often too comple...


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A Chemistry Puzzle to Be Solved

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Understanding Chemical and Physical Changes

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A Learning Tool for Chemistry and Health Professions Students: Mnemonics for Writing Net Ionic Equations

Chemical mnemonic devices have been designed to aid students in understanding chemical concepts in previous years. This has been done for concepts suc...


NSTA Press Book

Creating Engineering Design Challenges: Success Stories From Teachers

If you’ve ever wished for advice you can trust on how to make science and math more relevant to your middle or high school students, Creating Engine...


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Sphero Robots and the Periodic Table

Students review the periodic table by coding robots. ...


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Arguing About a Chemical Change

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Patterns, Puzzles, and the Periodic Table

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From Bean to Cup

Coffee comes to the science lab ...


Interactive E-book Kids

Exploring Matter in Space

It is the year 2095, and Great Uncle Dar has just taken up the post of chief engineer on the solar system’s first inflatable space apartment buildin...


Interactive E-book Kids

Properties Matter

Bobby and Carmen are at summer engineering camp. They have been challenged to design and build a useful project for their fellow campers. Time is shor...

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