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Virtual Chemistry

Using the PhET pH scale simulation and the 5E Model to enhance students’ pH understanding ...

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Emoji Chemistry

Chemistry is not my strength. Any hints or resources for teaching chemical equations at a basic level? — M., Maryland I find it useful to demyst...

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Chemistry, Toys, and Accidental Inventions

This lesson helps students distinguish between reactants and products, explain the law of conservation of matter, measure properties or reactants and ...

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Freebies and Opportunities for Science and STEM Teachers, May 21, 2024

Reports Article

Freebies and Opportunities for Science and STEM Teachers, May 7, 2024

Reports Article

Freebies and Opportunities for Science and STEM Teachers, April 23, 2024


Students to Stewards: Student-centered climate change instruction


Coherence from the Students’ Perspective: What, Why and How?

Journal Article

Student Self-Assessment of Exam Preparation in 100 and 200-Level Chemistry Courses

Student self-assessment surveys were utilized to look at student study habits in several areas. Both self-reported study time and study methods were ...


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Argumentative Writing Workshop for Conceptual Learning and Weekly Writing for Knowledge Application in Undergraduate Chemistry Laboratories

Pedagogical approaches for supporting students’ argumentative writing in science laboratories have not been fully established. This paper examines t...



Web Seminar, March 14, 2024

This is a collection of resources for the program titled: Sponsored Web Seminar: The Fluorescence Files: Exploring Chemistry Concepts Through Forensic...


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Concentrating on Cross-Disciplinary Connections: Using reaction rates to help students make connections between chemistry and biology.

Too often, science courses (e.g, biology, chemistry, and physics) are disconnected from one another. When this happens, students often don’t see ho...


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Multiple Representations and Multiple Expressions: Simulating Enzymatic Reactions to Showcase Learning

The purpose of this article is to describe a lesson aimed at teaching students the function of enzymes in order to obtain mastery of NGSS Standard HS-...


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A Solar Panel Modeling Project for Chemistry

The Solar Panel Modeling Project challenged 10th-grade chemistry students to apply knowledge of Atomic Models to explain electricity generation in a s...


Web Seminar

Archive: Sponsored: The Fluorescence Files: Exploring Chemistry Concepts Through Forensics, March 14, 2024

Turn your classroom into a forensics lab and help your students solidify their understanding of chemistry concepts. Join Vernier chemistry specialist ...

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