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NSTA Position Statements

NSTA provides national and international leadership in science education by identifying the qualities and standards for good science education; these are set forth in the form of position statements, which are used to support the improvement of science education at all levels.

The following NSTA position statements represent the organization’s official stand on key issues important to the teaching and learning of science, as well as the membership’s response to these issues.

NSTA position statements are developed by teams of science educators, scientists, and other national experts in science education, with the input of the NSTA membership. For official guidelines on the development of statements, click here.

If you have questions or comments about any of the following NSTA position statements or would like to obtain copyright approval, please contact

Background Papers

From time to time, NSTA publishes background papers for science educators on issues affecting science teaching and learning. These backgrounders have not been adopted by the NSTA Board of Directors as part of a formal position statement. In some cases, the information enhances or expands on an existing position statement.

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