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Position Statement

Multicultural Science Education


Science educators value the contributions and uniqueness of children from all backgrounds. Members of the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) are aware that a country's welfare is ultimately dependent upon the productivity of all of its people. Many institutions and organizations in our global, multicultural society play major roles in establishing environments in which unity in diversity flourishes. Members of the NSTA believe science literacy must be a major goal of science education institutions and agencies. We believe that ALL children can learn and be successful in science and our nation must cultivate and harvest the minds of all children and provide the resources to do so.


If our nation is to maintain a position of international leadership in science education, NSTA must work with other professional organizations, institutions, corporations, and agencies to seek the resources required to ensure science teaching for all learners.


For this to be achieved, NSTA adheres to the following tenets:

  • Schools are to provide science education programs that nurture all children academically, physically, and in development of a positive self-concept;
  • Children from all cultures are to have equitable access to quality science education experiences that enhance success and provide the knowledge and opportunities required for them to become successful participants in our democratic society;
  • Curricular content must incorporate the contributions of many cultures to our knowledge of science;
  • Science teachers are knowledgeable about and use culturally-related ways of learning and instructional practices;
  • Science teachers have the responsibility to involve culturally-diverse children in science, technology and engineering career opportunities; and
  • Instructional strategies selected for use with all children must recognize and respect differences students bring based on their cultures.

Adopted by the Board of Directors, July 2000


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