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Call for Papers: Special Issue on Infectious Disease

Guest Editors: Brooke A. Whitworth and Colby Tofel-Grehl

The COVID-19 pandemic laid bare simultaneously the need for and absence of resources for teachers to engage students in learning about infectious disease (Kafai et al. under review). With infectious disease largely absent from the NGSS, teachers have been forced to be creative in linking lessons that contextualize and examine key aspects of infectious disease education within the COVID 19 pandemic. This special issue provides space for educators to gather resources regarding infectious disease and discuss the affordances and challenges they experienced in teaching students about infectious disease during the pandemic. 

We engage the Straif-Bourgeois et al. (2014) framework for infectious disease education, which delineates three dimensions of epidemiologic education in which to engage learners:

  1. The biology of disease and viruses as related to individual bodies.
  2. The epidemiology of disease with a focus on incubation periods and other temporal considerations for the spread of disease.
  3. Infectious disease epidemiology. The framework explores the impacts of disease on communities, especially those that are marginalized.

We welcome contributions of articles focusing on classroom learning activities for any of these three dimensions. 


Deadline for Submissions: April, 2022

Initial Decision: May, 2022

Revisions Due: July, 2022

Full Special Issue To Editor: September, 2022


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