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November/December 2022

Many proponents of direct instruction believe it cuts down on classroom management issues. Sure, maybe it breeds fear and intimidation among the students, but then their love of learning science plummets. Building relationships with students is what works. If students believe you know them and believe in their abilities, then are more driven to engage in the material and to share their knowledge with you and their peers.

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Journal Article

Teaching Environmental Social Justice

By Donna L. Ross, Kimberly Elliot, and Jeff Bonine

Biology Environmental Science Equity Life Science Multicultural Social Justice

Journal Article

Using Teacher Talk Moves to Help Students Talk Like Scientists

By Kraig A. Wray, Scott McDonald, Hee-Sun Lee, and Amy Pallant

High School Inquiry NGSS Pedagogy Teaching Strategies

Journal Article


By Luba Vangelova

High School Careers Earth & Space Science


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