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The Science Teacher—November/December 2021

Volume 89, Number 2
Culturally Relevant Science Pedagogy
Validating students’ cultural identities in classroom practices—such as understanding and integrating the students’ family makeup, immigration history and experiences, individual concerns, strengths, talents and interests into the curriculum—enriches our science classroom through the students’ knowledge they bring into our science classes.

Journal Article

Ninja Nerds

By Holly Amerman

Instructional Materials Technology

Journal Article

The Case of the Infertile Couple

By Alyssa Rutherford and Douglas Llewellyn

Biology Instructional Materials Life Science NGSS Teaching Strategies

Journal Article

Formative Assessment for Equitable Learning

By Krista Fincke, Deb Morrison, Kristen Bergsman, and Phillip Bell

Assessment Equity Pedagogy Social Justice Teaching Strategies

Journal Article

Paying the Price of Palm Oil

By Tyler St. Clair and Kristen Conklin

High School Biology Life Science Three-Dimensional Learning

Journal Article

Radiochemist Catherine Riddle

By Luba Vangelova

High School Careers Chemistry

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