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A Mixed-Methods Analysis of Perspectives Toward Learning Assistant–Faculty Relationships

Learning Assistant (LA) programs oversee and support undergraduate instructors and faculty members who work together to facilitate student learning ...

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How Do Students Interact With the Primary Scientific Literature in an Undergraduate Science Program?

The ability to read, understand, and interpret primary scientific literature is an essential skill for undergraduate students in science. This study...

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Preservice Teachers’ Meaningful Science Learning

This article describes how preservice elementary teachers learn about the nature of science and develop scientific literacy through a collaborative ...

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Journal of College Science Teaching—January/February 2024

Journal Article

Making Science Accessible for All

It’s time for a change in mindset. We must shift our focus toward recognizing the assets and strengths of our students as a pivotal starting point. ...


Journal Article

Becoming Scientifically Literate: Developing Epistemic Practices through Reading Scientific Papers

To help students confront pseudoscientific claims and misinformation in their everyday lives, it is important to develop the epistemic practices of sc...


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Teaching for Tomorrow: Scientific Literacy in the Classroom

This article describes the integrated Coding, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (CSTEM) full-year course that aligns mathematical skil...


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Exploring Student Perceptions of Engagement During Maker-centered Instruction

This article explores the levels of engagement that students experience during maker-centered instruction, with a particular focus on students in two ...


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Conceptual and Mathematical Evolutionary Fitness models

Biological evolutionary models have become popular tools for inquiry. Models can help expose complex systems and guide experimentation. Not all resear...


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Rules of Teaching That I learned in My Student Years

As teachers we commonly learn our subject matter in high school and college. We acquire more knowledge in graduate school and in life experiences. At ...


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STEM Learning is for Everyone!

Early Years Column....


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Bookending STEM Lessons: Co-teaching with an Education Librarian for Elementary Picture-Perfect Success

No abstract required....


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Science 101: What is Light?



Journal Article

Moving Beyond Equity-as-Access to Expanding What Counts as Science in the Elementary Classroom

Making science accessible is an important and worthy goal, but for many students, science is inaccessible because what counts as science in the classr...


Journal Article

Tab-meta key: a model for exam review

Traditional exam reviews are passive and face many challenges to prepare students for exams. In this study, we proposed the “Tab-meta key”...

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