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Preparing Teachers to Successfully Implement the Three Dimensions of the NGSS

This chapter, by David T. Crowther and Susan Gomez Zwiep, briefly outlines the challenges faced by leaders seeking to design and execute professional ...

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Cells and Chemical Reactions

All organisms—from single-celled bacteria to multicellular animals—need to obtain and use energy. The Cells and Chemical Reactions Interactive E-b...

Interactive E-book

The Power of Educational Robotics as an Integrated STEM Learning Experience in Teacher Preparation Programs

The use of integrated science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) instruction has the affordances of combining harmonious content area co...

Journal Article

A Dialogue of Life: Integrating Service Learning in a Community-Immersion Model of Preservice Science-Teacher Preparation

Dubbed a “dialogue of life,” community immersion in preservice science-teacher education aims at providing a true-to-life and empowering opportuni...

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Journal of College Science Teaching—January/February 2021



Journal Article

Exploring Student Perception Toward Online Homework and Comparison With Paper Homework in an Introductory Probability Course

Online software systems are extensively used to give students practice on course content, especially in mathematics and physics courses. They offer in...


Journal Article

Developing a Tiered Mentoring Model for Teaching Assistants Instructing Course-Based Research Experiences

As undergraduate institutions rely more heavily on teaching assistants (TAs) they are simultaneously encouraging implementation of course-based resear...


Journal Article

Learning Researchers

Formative assessment has been shown to be a critical activity for promoting meaningful understanding in the classroom. Systematic engagement in format...


Journal Article

Modifying Traditional Labs to Target Scientific Reasoning

This article showcases how a physics lab course was successfully redesigned to promote important reasoning abilities not explicitly addressed in the t...


Journal Article

Modifying Scientific Research Into Introductory Science Course Lessons Using a 5E Lesson Format

Science faculty are being asked to create active learning experiences that engage students in core concepts and science practices. This article descri...


Journal Article

Developing the Next Generation of Elementary Science Teachers

National science education documents emphasize new learning outcomes of elementary students; therefore, the preparation of elementary teachers should ...


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Designing Equitable Engagement in Sensemaking

Blog Post

The Benefits of Nearpod for Sensemaking at a Distance

Blog Post

Successful Sensemaking and Data Exploration at a Distance

Blog Post

Sensemaking at a Distance

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From the Field: Events and Opportunities, December 15, 2020

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