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Preparing Teachers to Successfully Implement the Three Dimensions of the NGSS

This chapter, by David T. Crowther and Susan Gomez Zwiep, briefly outlines the challenges faced by leaders seeking to design and execute professional ...

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Cells and Chemical Reactions

All organisms—from single-celled bacteria to multicellular animals—need to obtain and use energy. The Cells and Chemical Reactions Enhanced E-book...

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The Power of Educational Robotics as an Integrated STEM Learning Experience in Teacher Preparation Programs

The use of integrated science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) instruction has the affordances of combining harmonious content area co...

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A Dialogue of Life: Integrating Service Learning in a Community-Immersion Model of Preservice Science-Teacher Preparation

Dubbed a “dialogue of life,” community immersion in preservice science-teacher education aims at providing a true-to-life and empowering opportuni...

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Peer-Designed Active Learning Modules as a Strategy to Improve Confidence and Comprehension Within Introductory Computer Science

While research has demonstrated the links between active learning and student success, lecture remains a dominant instructional method within introd...


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K–12 DREAMS to Teach Program at Morehouse College

This study explores the pathways to K–12 Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics instruction among Black/African American males in the Di...


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Community College Students Rise to the Challenge

High-structure course designs have reduced achievement gaps for low-income and underrepresented minority students at research universities. But do c...


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Remote Learning: Problem or Opportunity?

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Letters to the Editor

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Wind Erosion and the Dust Bowl

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Teacher Spotlight: Brenda Walsh

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Earth Day and Environmental Justice

NSTA Press Book

The NSTA Atlas of the Three Dimensions

New in 2020! Download and read a sample chapter from this book to learn more. A key aspect of learning in K–12 education is the idea that what stu...



Journal of College Science Teaching—May/June 2020

Volume 49, No. 5 ...


NSTA Press Book

Student Lab Manual for Argument-Driven Inquiry in Physics, Volume 2: Electricity and Magnetism Lab Investigations for Grades 9–12

Are you interested in a three-dimensional approach to helping your high school physics students learn the practices of science, including constructing...


NSTA Press Book

STEM, Standards, and Strategies for High-Quality Units

New in 2020! Download and read a sample chapter from this book to learn more. Do you, your school, or your school district want to align your scienc...

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