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Journal Article

Impact of a Co-Taught Physics Course on Preservice Science Teachers’ Views of Teaching and Learning of Physics

This article focuses on the impact of a physics class on secondary science teacher candidates’ views of teaching and learning physics. The course wa...

By Kadir Demir, Brett Criswell, and William Stoll

Physics Preservice Science Education Teacher Preparation Teaching Strategies

Journal Article

Using Structured Decision-Making in the Classroom to Promote Information Literacy in the Context of Decision-Making

An important facet of college students’ science literacy and job market preparation is developing skills for finding and applying information to dec...

By Jenny M. Dauer, Amanda E. Sorensen, and P. Citlally Jimenez

Literacy Teacher Preparation Teaching Strategies

Journal Article

Impacts of Faculty Development on Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Teaching and Learning in the Food-Energy-Water Nexus

To support undergraduate instruction and learning outcomes (i.e., systems thinking and decision-making in interdisciplinary contexts) grounded in the ...

By Amie S. Sommers, Holly White, Jenny M. Dauer, and Cory Forbes

Interdisciplinary Professional Learning Teacher Preparation

Journal Article

The STEM Faculty Experience at West Point

At conferences or meetings, West Point faculty are often asked, “What’s it like to teach at West Point?” Previously, we reported on this questio...

By Carolann Koleci, Eileen M. Kowalski, and Kenneth J. McDonald

Careers Leadership Teacher Preparation

Journal Article

Investigating Elementary Preservice Teachers’ Beliefs About Teaching and Learning Science

To inform teacher education programs, it is imperative to uncover preservice teachers’ (PSTs) implicit and tacit beliefs about teaching and learning...

By Ezgi Yesilyurt

Postsecondary Pre-service Teachers Preservice Science Education Teacher Preparation Teaching Strategies

Journal Article

From Math Methods and Science Methods…To STEM Methods

By Lisa Douglass, Cherry Steffen, and David Pownell

Elementary Interdisciplinary STEM Teacher Preparation

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